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Introducing myself - Butterflylips - 11-13-2016

Hey! what a great place this is, can't believe it took so long for me to find you.
I'm Sophie 27 from the UK and I have big labia minora Smiley211kl lol. It was the usual kind of thing for me, watching mainstream porn and wondering what the hell went wrong with me, I looked different? Anyway, I set to researching and to be honest it took me about half an hour to realise that there are many other pussies out there that look just like mine and way more that don't. Anyway it made me realise that there is beauty in every single one!

Thank you for an amazing site x

RE: Introducing myself - AtomBomb - 11-14-2016

Hi Sophie - Welcome aboard! Looking forward to your posts. Have fun here. It's a great forum! Glad you found us! Smile

RE: Introducing myself - Knightoe - 11-14-2016

Welcome A big welcome to the Forum Sophie .... have fun Beer3

RE: Introducing myself - Redpixel - 11-14-2016

Welcome Sophie! Looking forward to seeing you! Thx

RE: Introducing myself - outdoors76 - 11-14-2016

Hello Sophie! You're among friends and admirers here, so feel welcome to be open and honest with us without fear of regret.