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Faye D - ruuhann - 12-21-2014

AKA: Faye
DOB: 1987

Here we have the very sexy Faye D. While small up top, her sweet labia more then makes up for that I'm sure you will agree. Enjoy.

Images of Faye D from Met-Art's "Awake" set (1365 x 2048)

[Image: th_884432208_Faye_D_m_a_awake_1_122_76lo.jpg] [Image: th_884436351_Faye_D_m_a_awake_2_122_185lo.jpg] [Image: th_884439788_Faye_D_m_a_awake_3_122_1171lo.jpg]

[Image: th_884443971_Faye_D_m_a_awake_4_122_8lo.jpg] [Image: th_884447996_Faye_D_m_a_awake_5_122_928lo.jpg]

Labia content created and owned by Met Art

RE: Faye D - Knightoe - 12-21-2014

Incredible girl! Drool Great addition ruuhann ~ thanks Sm_daumen

RE: Faye D - ruuhann - 12-22-2014

Images from Met-Art's "Presenting Faye" set (1365 x 2048)

[Image: th_884605294_Faye_D_m_a_presenting_1_122_352lo.jpg] [Image: th_884609187_Faye_D_m_a_presenting_2_122_130lo.jpg] [Image: th_884612508_Faye_D_m_a_presenting_3_122_356lo.jpg]

[Image: th_884615867_Faye_D_m_a_presenting_4_122_98lo.jpg] [Image: th_884618525_Faye_D_m_a_presenting_5_122_12lo.jpg]

Labia content created and owned by Met Art

RE: Faye D - ruuhann - 12-23-2014

Images of Faye from the RylskyArt "Rainara" set (2800 x 4200)

[Image: th_884807898_Faye_rylsky_rainara_1_122_379lo.jpg] [Image: th_884818790_Faye_rylsky_rainara_2_122_550lo.jpg] [Image: th_884832868_Faye_rylsky_rainara_3_122_942lo.jpg]

[Image: th_884844273_Faye_rylsky_rainara_4_122_336lo.jpg].[Image: th_884854396_Faye_rylsky_rainara_5_122_458lo.jpg]

Credit to RylskyArt

RE: Faye D - ruuhann - 12-29-2014

Another set of Faye looking so sexy. Enjoy
Images of Faye D from Met-Art's "Sostanza" set (1365 x 2048)

[Image: th_197914619_Faye_D_m_a_sostanza_1_122_475lo.jpg].[Image: th_791464362_Faye_D_m_a_sostanza_2_122_490lo.jpg].[Image: th_791468560_Faye_D_m_a_sostanza_3_122_457lo.jpg]

[Image: th_791472460_Faye_D_m_a_sostanza_4_122_417lo.jpg].[Image: th_791476785_Faye_D_m_a_sostanza_5_122_567lo.jpg]

Labia content created and owned by Met Art

RE: Faye D - erl47 - 02-19-2015

Small tits large labia the perfect combination for me...