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Full Version: Jana Jordan does strawberries ... and more!
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AKA: Jana Foxy, Jana, Jana J, Jana Rocks, I dream of Jana
DOB: March 9, 1986
Penthouse Pet of the Month, August 2007

Now this is how you eat strawberries Thumbs American model Jana in the Strawberry Dreams set from VIP Area (1333 x 2000):

[Image: th_924650182_Jana_Jordan_viparea_strawbe..._368lo.jpg].[Image: th_092465720_Jana_Jordan_viparea_strawbe..._195lo.jpg].[Image: th_064470973_Jana_Jordan_viparea_strawbe..._918lo.jpg].[Image: th_924670259_Jana_Jordan_viparea_strawbe..._522lo.jpg]

Credit to VIP Area
I bet her strawberry tasting pussy would be so fucking sweet too. Double Yum! Thanks.
Jana does a parody of Britney Spears getting out of her car without panties. See some of Britney's infamous pics in a post by
member djlazylee here --> Britney Spears

Selected images from a RonHarris set @ 1333 x 2000:

[Image: th_930335623_Jana_Ron_Harris_Britney_Spe..._104lo.jpg].[Image: th_064698342_Jana_Ron_Harris_Britney_Spe..._363lo.jpg].[Image: th_414847029_Jana_Ron_Harris_Britney_Spe..._388lo.jpg].[Image: th_930357100_Jana_Ron_Harris_Britney_Spe..._403lo.jpg].[Image: th_930365640_Jana_Ron_Harris_Britney_Spe..._350lo.jpg]

Credit to Ron Harris
That's so funny and so awesome.
Jana at poolside Thumbs

Pictures from the Twisty's Stubborn Lover set (pic 1 @ 1280 x 1919; rest @ 2000 x 3000):

[Image: th_797100401_Jana_Jordan_twisty_stubborn..._546lo.jpg].[Image: th_797111353_Jana_Jordan_twisty_stubborn..._192lo.jpg].[Image: th_797119344_Jana_Jordan_twisty_stubborn..._546lo.jpg]

[Image: th_279712960_Jana_Jordan_twisty_stubborn..._376lo.jpg].[Image: th_802346710_Jana_Jordan_twisty_stubborn..._150lo.jpg]

Labia content above created and owned by Twistys
Fucking beautiful! And I want to add, the Twisty's girl really know how to bring it and put it all on display. She's an amazing beauty.
Time for a little more of Jana, don't you think? Enjoy all.

As Jana J, images from Joymii's "Mellow Time" set (3744 x 5616)

[Image: th_065577285_Jana_J_joymii_mellow_time_1_122_79lo.jpg] [Image: th_065598288_Jana_J_joymii_mellow_time_2_122_464lo.jpg] [Image: th_065614306_Jana_J_joymii_mellow_time_3_122_851lo.jpg]

[Image: th_065632366_Jana_J_joymii_mellow_time_4_122_418lo.jpg] [Image: th_065649266_Jana_J_joymii_mellow_time_5_122_1193lo.jpg]

Credit to Joymii
what a beautiful cunt. I love how her cunt lips look eating up that fuck toy. so great. thanks uploaders for this girl
She's a cutie pie. Thank you for sharing her with us!
Because of the great comments and Thanks, here's another sexy set of Jana showing off and doing some toy play. Enjoy.

Images of Jana Jordan from InTheCrack's "Set #102" (825 x 1100+)

[Image: th_814732719_Jana_Jordan_itc_102_1_122_963lo.jpg] [Image: th_147330703_Jana_Jordan_itc_102_2_122_44lo.jpg] [Image: th_147332393_Jana_Jordan_itc_102_3_122_172lo.jpg]

[Image: th_147334849_Jana_Jordan_itc_102_4_122_392lo.jpg] [Image: th_147337176_Jana_Jordan_itc_102_5_122_223lo.jpg]

More at Inthecrack
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