- large labia are beautiful and sexy

Full Version: Hello ! First experience with Big Labia ?
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Hello ! 

Im a big labia fan. Love it !!! 

Maybe It sounds perveted but as young guy I saw my mom under shower and her big labia. She got a really big one. Since that I always looking for big labias. 

When did you have your first experience with your big labia ?
It wasn’t anything I’d ever thought about before. Then once my girlfriend (now wife) opened her legs and her labia opened with them a revealed this beautiful flower spread open.

Since then, anything but nice big lips does nothing for me.
I touched a young woman when she said ”It is too much light here” when I want her. I remember it was very difficult to find her pussy opening, she was so meaty and had large inner labia - I think now afterwards.
I showered with my sister when we were kids and she had this little meat nugget that poked out from between her slit. It was the first pussy I've ever seen and I thought it was so weird. But when i see it in porn, it gives me that mysterious feeling when I saw pussy for the first time.
A girl I was dating- I could tell she was meaty...nice dark wrinkled bulge. She couldn't quite conceal it in a bathing suit- wow, what a turn on!! She was blonde and light skinned and slim. Then when we screwed, her lips engulfed and covered my cock, wrapping all around it and not letting it go! This image never leaves my head now, many many years later- a source of my sexual fantasies!