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Full Version: Megan Promesita
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Megan Promesita  aka  Annet,  Ginger,  Ira,  Ivana,  Karmina,  Martina,  Martina Blue,  Martina Violet, Megan,  Nadine,  Olya,  Promesita,  Sharon

This young lady from the Czech Republic has a bewildering selection of stage names, so I have used the same one as on her page.  She was born Martina Caprová in Prague on 21st December 1989.  Her younger sister, Miloslava Caprová is also a pornstar, Kari Sweets.  Although Martina’s little 32AA cup tits are much smaller than Miloslova’s 32B cup tits, Martina has the much nicer cunt lips which you can see here in this set that she did for We Are Hairy as Promesita, which was released on 8th August 2013.

[Image: nH8qId9.jpg]

[Image: K2MYkgh.jpg]

[Image: D2ma6jR.jpg]

[Image: xNq5cjY.jpg]

[Image: 6dWDq64.jpg]
The first time we saw Megan she had dark hair and she hadn’t shaved her cunt for several weeks.  Here she is again in a set with blonde hair, so has she changed her pubic hair style too?  It looks like she is keeping us guessing until she takes those pretty white panties off …

[Image: ENkNU54.jpg]

[Image: mM3HTAs.jpg]

[Image: MbxXVxs.jpg]

[Image: RjwrSOv.jpg]

[Image: Z1wXRh4.jpg]

I think Megan's cunt looks a million times better in this close up from Karups than it does in the first thread ...
Here are some more photographs of Megan, this time in a set released by PJ Girls on 27th November 2014 with the title “Finally Shaved.” 

[Image: YKe6VyY.jpg]

[Image: Bla74vb.jpg]

But there is more to this set than first meets the eye.  Not only is Megan joined by fellow Czech pornstar Laura Crysal (who seems to have forgotten to put a skirt on), we can see that Megan is pregnant.  As well as her baby bump, look at her nipples ...

[Image: NiQDvR2.jpg]

[Image: vMO7BYS.jpg]

[Image: nZTn3F0.jpg]