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I have always felt embarrassed.
Hello, I figured I would introduce myself and give you guys a little about me. I am 22, a mother of two beautiful children but I have always had one major "flaw" with myself. I am absolutely embarrassed by my labia minora, they protrude from between my outer lips and when stretched are at least two inches maybe two and a half. Because of this my sex life has never been full so to speak. I have never allowed my partner to go down there in foreplay. And recently I have been considering a surgery to change that, while searching google I found this site and what a relief! There are other people out there like me, and they're proud of this,a few men actually like this. Boy did this come to me as a shocker, I would just like to thank you guys so much for this site, all the nice and flattering things I have seen you guys saying to other women. The creater of this site. Its a godsend really. You guys are absolutely amazing and a great confidence creator in women like me, I actually feel like a woman and not a freakshow. Again thank you
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Welcome A big welcome to the Forum ladygreenshoes Beer3. To be honest, I (and I'm sure many other members feel the same) can't imagine why you would be embarrassed .... 2-inch labia minora ... that's bragging rights Thumbs It's good to have you here. Enjoy the Forum ... Peace
Thanks given by: ladygreenshoes
I really appreciate it, thus far I have been browsing the posts and I am quite enjoying this page Smile thank you for such a kind welcome
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Warm welcome dear ladygreenshoes. If you have 2 over two inches of labia minora you are a lady to drool over. And obviously it is a gift you have not a flaw.
You are absolutely wrong when you say "a few men actually like this" ... there are way way lot of us out there than you might think.
So be comfortable and proud of your assets and enjoy your sex life give you partner the chance to pleasure you.
Thanks given by: ladygreenshoes
Thank you so much, this past week I have been waiting on approval for another site just like this one, these two places are absolutely wonderful for a girl such as myself. My partner I don't believe is actually aware of my um assets. I generally have it somewhat covered by my hands or fingers. I have been with him since 18 and am still not sure as to how he would recieve the idea. I really appreciate these type of pages and will definitely be frequently joining in discussions.
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My two cents... A great deal of people never join or post, but they enjoy viewing this site and the amazing labia's on display. Most men love the look of a woman's pussy. And I for one think fleshy pussy lips are awesome. So do most men. Enjoy the view. And please don't change a thing about yourself.
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Welcome aboard ladygreenshoes! Thumbs

I am glad that you found your way here and that you've gained confidence in your lady parts this way.

Yes there are quite a few guys who would prefer a pussy with big inner labia anytime - count me in! Whistling

If, at any time, you feel ready to gain yet another big confidence boost by showing your assets to this community, don't hesitate. I guarantee you that any post will be very well received! Smiley211kl

For now, please continue to enjoy the site and have a nice day!

Cheers Beer

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