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Jana Jordan does strawberries ... and more!
AKA: Jana Foxy, Jana, Jana J, Jana Rocks, I dream of Jana
DOB: March 9, 1986
Penthouse Pet of the Month, August 2007

Now this is how you eat strawberries Thumbs American model Jana in the Strawberry Dreams set from VIP Area (1333 x 2000):

[Image: th_924650182_Jana_Jordan_viparea_strawbe..._368lo.jpg].[Image: th_092465720_Jana_Jordan_viparea_strawbe..._195lo.jpg].[Image: th_064470973_Jana_Jordan_viparea_strawbe..._918lo.jpg].[Image: th_924670259_Jana_Jordan_viparea_strawbe..._522lo.jpg]

Credit to VIP Area
I bet her strawberry tasting pussy would be so fucking sweet too. Double Yum! Thanks.
Thanks given by: Knightoe
Jana does a parody of Britney Spears getting out of her car without panties. See some of Britney's infamous pics in a post by
member djlazylee here --> Britney Spears

Selected images from a RonHarris set @ 1333 x 2000:

[Image: th_930335623_Jana_Ron_Harris_Britney_Spe..._104lo.jpg].[Image: th_064698342_Jana_Ron_Harris_Britney_Spe..._363lo.jpg].[Image: th_414847029_Jana_Ron_Harris_Britney_Spe..._388lo.jpg].[Image: th_930357100_Jana_Ron_Harris_Britney_Spe..._403lo.jpg].[Image: th_930365640_Jana_Ron_Harris_Britney_Spe..._350lo.jpg]

Credit to Ron Harris
That's so funny and so awesome.
Thanks given by: Knightoe , cumbie , lippenfreund
Jana at poolside Thumbs

Pictures from the Twisty's Stubborn Lover set (pic 1 @ 1280 x 1919; rest @ 2000 x 3000):

[Image: th_797100401_Jana_Jordan_twisty_stubborn..._546lo.jpg].[Image: th_797111353_Jana_Jordan_twisty_stubborn..._192lo.jpg].[Image: th_797119344_Jana_Jordan_twisty_stubborn..._546lo.jpg]

[Image: th_279712960_Jana_Jordan_twisty_stubborn..._376lo.jpg].[Image: th_802346710_Jana_Jordan_twisty_stubborn..._150lo.jpg]

Labia content above created and owned by Twistys
Fucking beautiful! And I want to add, the Twisty's girl really know how to bring it and put it all on display. She's an amazing beauty.
Thanks given by: Knightoe , cumbie
Time for a little more of Jana, don't you think? Enjoy all.

As Jana J, images from Joymii's "Mellow Time" set (3744 x 5616)

[Image: th_065577285_Jana_J_joymii_mellow_time_1_122_79lo.jpg] [Image: th_065598288_Jana_J_joymii_mellow_time_2_122_464lo.jpg] [Image: th_065614306_Jana_J_joymii_mellow_time_3_122_851lo.jpg]

[Image: th_065632366_Jana_J_joymii_mellow_time_4_122_418lo.jpg] [Image: th_065649266_Jana_J_joymii_mellow_time_5_122_1193lo.jpg]

Credit to Joymii
Thanks given by: kberly , Knightoe , erl47 , woohoo , cumbie , lippenfreund
what a beautiful cunt. I love how her cunt lips look eating up that fuck toy. so great. thanks uploaders for this girl
I love labia minora Drool
Thanks given by: Knightoe , ruuhann
She's a cutie pie. Thank you for sharing her with us!
Thanks given by: Knightoe , ruuhann , cumbie
Because of the great comments and Thanks, here's another sexy set of Jana showing off and doing some toy play. Enjoy.

Images of Jana Jordan from InTheCrack's "Set #102" (825 x 1100+)

[Image: th_814732719_Jana_Jordan_itc_102_1_122_963lo.jpg] [Image: th_147330703_Jana_Jordan_itc_102_2_122_44lo.jpg] [Image: th_147332393_Jana_Jordan_itc_102_3_122_172lo.jpg]

[Image: th_147334849_Jana_Jordan_itc_102_4_122_392lo.jpg] [Image: th_147337176_Jana_Jordan_itc_102_5_122_223lo.jpg]

More at Inthecrack
Thanks given by: Knightoe , woohoo , cumbie , lippenfreund

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