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Asian cutie shows us her sweet labia majora
She goes by the name of "Cindy". She does not have a lot of pics out there, so I didn't think a "model thread" was justified.
Selected images from the Real (1-3) and Slip (4-5) sets. Clickable thumbnails (last 2 pics are 1067 x 1600):

[Image: th_206546561_Cindy_f__baby_Real_1_122_187lo.jpg].[Image: th_206600771_Cindy_f__baby_Real_2_122_469lo.jpg].[Image: th_206658793_Cindy_f__baby_Real_3_122_454lo.jpg].[Image: th_758961109_Cindy_f__baby_Slip_1_122_344lo.jpg].[Image: th_206756199_Cindy_f__baby_Slip_2_122_250lo.jpg]

To see an animated GIF of Cindy, go here --> Cindy dressed ~ undressed GIF .

Credit to . Note that the site has been taken down.
What a cutie, thanks my friend! Thumbs
Thanks given by: Knightoe
Amazing girl, thank You for posting
Thanks given by: Knightoe
I also wish to add that she is very cute and that it is nice to see an Asian girl with a shaved pussy. So many of them don't seem to show off the smooth, clean look, which I like better. Thanks.
Thanks given by: Knightoe , puisis
love it
Thanks given by: Knightoe

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