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Mayuna Kudo
OK, I have posted plenty of other upskirt shots of Japanese girls wearing white schoolgirl style panties.   But for a change, underneath Mayuna Kudo’s white panties is not a tight shaved innie cunt but beautiful pair of very appetizing piss flaps.   It gets better when Mayuna holds herself open and shows us her very wet vagina.   The pics are from a Girls Delta set.

[Image: esFMsEy.jpg]

[Image: HpxWrPj.jpg]

[Image: g7Dg3S6.jpg]

[Image: bH74rPr.jpg]

[Image: eTSJYX8.jpg]
Thanks given by: woohoo , cumbie
Très rare une vietnamienne avec d'aussi grosses lèvres..
Miam miam ?
Thanks given by: Cunt Connoisseur 2
Je suis d'accord avec vous Madame, que Mayuna a des lèvres de chatte très délicieuses et un beau vagin humide.  Voici quelques autres photos de Mayuna sans sa culotte.

[Image: i2eMG7c.jpg]

[Image: iP629Re.jpg]

[Image: p3zWyGM.jpg]

[Image: M6ZxqIl.jpg]

[Image: LtlFTTc.jpg]
Thanks given by: woohoo , A.N.D._410 , cumbie

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