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jsut another newbie dropping in saying hello
hey all had quick browse through and very pleased with what seen and intrigued to see me, always been a big fetish of mine big labia
im Shane from Cheshire UK

to date id say top 3 to me online are 
1. kacey Jordan
2. Renee roulette
3. Elsa jean

BIG FAN OF using chaturbate and you do get the odd occasional girl with amazing labia on there.
was a broadcaster with friend at one time till she went into other area of sex work
so back wasting my money on there instead of earning till find ideal suitor to  work with again, hopefully with fine set of  butterfly wings on here 

ill ask if can post her picture as she a great lil set on her (do i need her permission if i just crop out the crotch area) to use picture
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I would imagine if she was already working on chaturbate then it would be ok?
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should post them on this or do a new thread post never really been on forum board before
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