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Cherie Deville and Friends
Here is something to start the weekend off right, FOUR cunts for the price of one featuring 39 year old blonde MILF, Cherie Deville with three stunning twenty something brunettes.   We start with a shot of the girls all wearing playsuits.   From left to right, 20 year old Gina Valentina, petite 25 year old Jasmine Summers, 21 year old Lily Adams with Cherie Deville on the right.

[Image: cTTPM0b.jpg]

And now we start seeing some of the girls’ cunts. Doing a “69” pose on the left are Gina on her back admiring Lily’s butterfly cunt lips with Cherie on the right inspecting Jasmine’s cunt, who incidentally is the only one of the fours with pubic hair.

[Image: 2hpGfV6.jpg]

Next, here are all four girls in the nude but in a slightly different order to the first pic. From left to right and the line-up is Jasmine, Gina, Lily and Cherie.

[Image: ewYRbIj.jpg]

Here are Cherie (on the left) with Lily (on the right) holding Jasmine’s cunt open and looking at her vagina.

[Image: rGZlpMu.jpg]

Finally, here are backshots of all four girls showing their cunts with from left to right, Cherie, Gina, Lily and with her legs open, Jasmine.   The pics are from an In The Crack set, Collection 1364.   I hope to post more pics of the girls’ cunts tomorrow ...

[Image: Mh1MrnQ.jpg]

Thanks given by: woohoo
As promised yesterday, here are a few more pics of Cherie Deville and her 20 something girlfriends and we begin with a backshot of the girls in their playsuits – from left to right, Gina Valentina, Jasmine Summers, Lily Adams and Cherie.

[Image: YyOBlGq.jpg]

Here are Cherie (left) and Lily (right) holding Jasmine’s hairy cunt open whilst Jasmine herself is licking Gina’s meaty piss flaps.

[Image: wZTmsCq.jpg]

Now, here are the cunts that we didn’t see in pic #2 with Jasmine licking Cherie’s cunt and Gina is rubbing Lily’s labia.

[Image: J8ja7z2.jpg]

Next we see all four cunts together with Jasmine. In the 12 o’clock position and then going clockwise, Lily holding herself open so that we can see her vagina, next to her is Gina and finally there’s chance of missing blonde Cherie.

[Image: jVh1kz4.jpg]

I have given up trying to figure out whose cunt is whose in this final pic, but they are all very fuckable!   As yesterday, the pics are from In The Crack Collection 1364 the pics being taken in 2017 at Taupo Bay on the North Island of New Zealand.

[Image: Htu5x6V.jpg]

Thanks given by: woohoo

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