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Is my labia “too big”
I’m 100% Latina if that matters . I Have always been embarrassed of my lips until recently when I found this forum.  

I don’t post often and haven’t posted any pictures yet. But, I figured I need reassurance I think :/ 

So, I had been dating someone for about three months and finally decided to have sex a couple nights ago, but when he was going to go down on me (he was super excited by the way) 
I think he got a little turned off by my lips. 
He just kind of kissed me on my kitty , came back up and  fucked me. 
It’s been a little awkward since then. 
There goes my confidence again ?? 


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Hi, I'm not able to see these images, can you try reposting pleeeeease ? :-)
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Absolutely not! Honestly….bigger labia aren’t appreciated by everyone. Some dislike them, some love them, and some are indifferent.

I hope you are able to find someone that appreciates them the way you want. I hope you are able to appreciate them also.

There are soooo many people that would be thrilled to have a partner with your ample labia.

Good luck.
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Hi Shy,

first of all, be aware that you are beautiful and unique, that means special (I did not see your pictures). This regards to spiritual and body-related things.
This is very important for self-confidence (for everyone).

All males (like females) have different tastes and likings/preferences. Some people are more fixed on certain things, when it comes to erotic, some have a wider 
perspective and like this AND that and..and.. 

It is important, that both personal likings fit together. So labia lips can be bigger or really big and it is just right, or maybe fantastic.
It depends on the person. But there is really no reason to be less confident, if you think, your labia is or could be too big.

kind regards


+ true inner self confidence is also a part of beauty, so dont let it take from you (some people try to do it, evil ones on purpose, stupid ones unmindful) 

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I love big lips, I love round women, but I also take pleasure with a woman without big lips, or skinny ! Maybe he just doesn't like to lick ? or maybe he likes it when it smells like pee, and as you smelled like soap he didn't like it !

Another example, I like body odor, within certain limits, but a woman who smells like perfume or soap really turns me on less !

Love your body as it is, you will always make someone happy and proud to have the chance to be with you, and you will be happy and proud of your body of your being !
Wanted : French woman with long labia to play ! Angel
Thanks given by: Shyprncss92

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