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Rumika Bannadou
My collection of pics of girls pretending to be Japanese schoolgirls stripping continues to grow larger.   This time it is the turn of AV model Miss Rumika Bannadou to reveal what is underneath her white schoolgirl panties, but first Rumika shyly lifts up her skirt to show us her panties …

[Image: bwOzKu9.jpg]

But then, not so shyly, pulling her panties to the side to reveal her beautiful tight fully shaved innie cunt. And then pulling the panties down to her knees …

[Image: ZaY5tbF.jpg]

[Image: bdTZiAK.jpg]

Now here is Rumika without either her skirt or her panties and as you will see in pic #5, she isn’t wearing a bra under her blouse …

[Image: kc6ZgCC.jpg]

This is a great set of pics of Rumika by courtesy of Girls Delta and I intend to post some more shots of her from the same set tomorrow, this time she will be completely nude and the post will include some intimate cunt close-ups.

[Image: 9cJxhI5.jpg]

Thanks given by: butterdog , cumbie
As I promised yesterday, here is the second part of the Girls Delta set of Ruminka Bannadu doing a schoolgirl strip.   We begin with a couple of pics of Ruminka in the nude to remind us that she has got a really beautiful innie cunt.  This is followed by a shot of her holding her cunt open and we end with two superb close ups of her open vagina; the first showing her erect clitoris and the second showing her urethra and very wet vagina.

[Image: RBcDvr2.jpg]

[Image: 9wvzi0X.jpg]

[Image: d7M6KFb.jpg]

[Image: ektrAEO.jpg]

[Image: wXgKINU.jpg]
Thanks given by: woohoo , cumbie

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