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AKA: Tyana, Tyana A, Ekat
DOB: November 30, 1989

Wouldn't you love to land on this strip? ;-)
Enjoy Thumbs

Selected images from Stella Set 1:

[Image: f7eea8300200942.jpg] [Image: c8a8f7300200944.jpg] [Image: 35ff9a300200953.jpg] [Image: 14f473300200959.jpg] [Image: 503ed7300200965.jpg]

Credits to Domai
Thanks given by: Knightoe , Picturetaker , puisis
Yet another perfect post from you Thumb

Great selection of a sexy model with puffy outer labia on high quality pics.

And the landing strip makes this pussy even more sexy!

Well done! Smiley321kb
Thanks given by:
She does indeed have a perfect nude cameltoe ("innie" vulva) Smiley211kl. I think I may have some pics of her using the "Tyana A" alias. Must check. Thanks ludwig
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