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a blast from the past: the amazing Michelle from KarupsHA
In the early-mid 2000 there was this girl named Michelle from Karups, that made some sets in which she showed us an unbelievable meaty pussy ... with those amazingly thick and fleshy inner lips ... 

 Good Lord, look how everything's wonderfully fat down there !!!

IMHO, she still remains one of the all-time best   shock Heart

[Image: ME13I06X_t.jpg]  [Image: ME13I070_t.jpg] [Image: ME13I071_t.jpg] [Image: ME13I08N_t.jpg]  [Image: ME13I073_t.jpg] [Image: ME13I074_t.jpg] 

[Image: ME13I075_t.jpg] [Image: ME13I076_t.jpg] [Image: ME13I077_t.jpg] [Image: ME13I078_t.jpg] [Image: ME13I079_t.jpg]  [Image: ME13I07B_t.jpg] 

[Image: ME13I07D_t.jpg] [Image: ME13I07E_t.jpg] [Image: ME13I07F_t.jpg] [Image: ME13I07G_t.jpg] [Image: ME13I07H_t.jpg] [Image: ME13I07I_t.jpg] 

Credit to

It's really a pity that she made just those few sets, and in a time of low-resolution photos  Sad

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