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Paula Shy
Also known as: Christy, Paula Pearl, Kristyna, Zita, Paula, Paola de Sousa, Kristina, Paula, Christy Charming, Paula Lee, Paula O, Misty

Paula Shy has puffy, bulging outer labia, hiding her small inner pussy lips completely when her legs are closed.

[Image: 1zheeDD.jpg]
Credit to Karups Private Collection
[Image: ktlReKD.jpg]
[Image: kV30v8L.jpg]
Credits to WetAndPuffy
Thanks given by: Knightoe , butterdog , WETPUSLOV , lippenfreund
[Image: ymCNLIh.jpg]
[Image: 3vE8GVd.jpg]
Credits to WetAndPuffy
I can see why they named her Paula "Shy" Rolleyes. Nice, full labia majora on this cutie Smiley211kl. Thanks felix
Thanks given by: felix
An old thread has been awoken :-)

Pictures of Paula Shy from InTheCrack's Set #1017, March 3, 2015 ... 1800 x 2400

[Image: th_627466478_Paula_Shy_itc_1017_1_122_562lo.jpg] [Image: th_627471415_Paula_Shy_itc_1017_2_122_228lo.jpg] [Image: th_627474254_Paula_Shy_itc_1017_3_122_16lo.jpg]

[Image: th_627478243_Paula_Shy_itc_1017_4_122_246lo.jpg] [Image: th_627481100_Paula_Shy_itc_1017_5_122_239lo.jpg]

More at Inthecrack
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Thanks given by: Knightoe , ruuhann , butterdog , Slamm , WETPUSLOV
Thanks for digging Paula Shy out of the closet oykbo. She was overdue for some lovin' Thumbs

Pictures of Paula Shy from SexArt's Mina set @ 3744 x 5616:

[Image: th_971614378_Paula_Shy_SexArt_mina_1_122_809lo.jpg].[Image: th_971625661_Paula_Shy_SexArt_mina_2_122_559lo.jpg].[Image: th_971635585_Paula_Shy_SexArt_mina_3_122_823lo.jpg]

[Image: th_971645490_Paula_Shy_SexArt_mina_4_122_1155lo.jpg].[Image: th_971658501_Paula_Shy_SexArt_mina_5_122_599lo.jpg]

Credit to SexArt
Images of Paula Shy from Watch4Beauty's "Smiling Beauty" set (1920 x 2880)

[Image: th_972860813_Paula_Shy_w4b_smiling_beaut..._421lo.jpg] [Image: th_972871980_Paula_Shy_w4b_smiling_beaut..._155lo.jpg] [Image: th_972888626_Paula_Shy_w4b_smiling_beaut..._549lo.jpg]

[Image: th_972905786_Paula_Shy_w4b_smiling_beaut..._400lo.jpg] [Image: th_297291747_Paula_Shy_w4b_smiling_beaut..._580lo.jpg]

Credits to Watch4Beauty

Here's another set of this sexy girl. I love the black stockings she has on. Something about a pretty girl dressed up sexy like this really gets me hard. Enjoy.
Oh, wow! She is sooo fine! Thank you...
Thanks given by:
Gawd how I wish this bikini style would become fashionable ~ love it Thumbs

Pictures of Paula Shy from Bikini-Pleasure's Unique set @ 1992 x 3000:

[Image: th_971091593_Paula_Shy_Bikini_Pleasure_u..._223lo.jpg].[Image: th_971099793_Paula_Shy_Bikini_Pleasure_u..._355lo.jpg].[Image: th_971108886_Paula_Shy_Bikini_Pleasure_u..._147lo.jpg]

[Image: th_971114595_Paula_Shy_Bikini_Pleasure_u..._143lo.jpg].[Image: th_971120636_Paula_Shy_Bikini_Pleasure_u..._374lo.jpg]

Images of Paula Shy from the 21Sextury "Horny Picnic" set (4016 x 6016)

[Image: th_971958616_Paula_Shy_21sextury_horny_p..._213lo.jpg] [Image: th_971976203_Paula_Shy_21sextury_horny_p...2_40lo.jpg]

[Image: th_297199751_Paula_Shy_21sextury_horny_p..._509lo.jpg] [Image: th_972016579_Paula_Shy_21sextury_horny_p...2_83lo.jpg]

Credit to 21Sextury

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