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Anna's huge majora
Now I must admit I'm not a great fan of large majora, the minora are definitely my thing. I have noticed though that not only are Anna's minora huge, but her majora are huge too, larger than many of the majora featured here, I feel.

For me I'd prefer that she didn't have such large majora as they lessen the impact of her minora, making them appear smaller than they actually are. Nevertheless, I've chosen some photos I have of her where I think it really shows just how big her majora are.

Try to ignore her minora in these photos, I know that's rather difficult, but I'd be interested to know whether you majora experts would regard her majora to be huge or not, and where they come in the scale of things.

If I manage to do another shoot with Anna, would you be interested in me trying to create a set of photos that concentrate on her majora, rather than her minora?

I personally prefer large labia minora over large labia majora, just like you. While not being an expert on labia majora, I still enjoy the occasional glance at large labia majora though.

Looking at Anna's labia majora and comparing them to the ones posted in this part of the forum previously, I'd say that the absolute size of hers is definately bigger than many posted previously.

Whether a labia majora connoisseur enjoys looking at her for that reason most fortunately depends on whether he loves large labia majora for the absolute size of them or for the relative size compared to the corresponding labia minora.

Interesting question... let's ask the puffy labia majora fans in this forum:

Are you mainly enjoying the absolute size of the outer labia or does it have to be the "innie vulva" type (inner labia hidden in between outer labia)?
Thanks given by: Knightoe , PaulMApphart
I have a definite preference for large labia majora. However, in response to your question felix, it is not "absolute size", it is size relative to the overall size of the girl. Labia majora on a 1.7m model would obviously need to be larger than those on a 1.5m, petite girl to have the same effect. Same goes for build, thin versus thick and so on. No matter the combination of build and stature, the desirable effect is that of the classical "nude cameltoe" (for me). Picture Dasha (the Russian model) ~ perfect! If a girl pulls on her jeans and she can't avoid getting a cameltoe mmm mmm.

As for the labia minora being completely covered, not really. A tab or two of minora poking out is just fine. But not so much minora that the Cameltoe effect is lost.

In spite of the fact that Anna has some very puffy majora, her minora are so large (and impressive) that the cameltoe effect is gone. Not a bad thing if you're not into cameltoes. For this forum, I would definitely classify Anna for inclusion in the large labia minora group.
Thanks given by: felix , PaulMApphart
Thanks for the insight! Thumb

Do the other labia majora experts in this forum agree?
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