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Donna Ambrose
Donna Ambrose  aka Danica Collins (her real name),  Deena,  Sara Ambrose,  Kelly Ambrose

Introducing English born MILF Miss Donna Ambrose who has natural 36EE tits and a tight innie cunt to the Forum.   She was born as Danica Collins in London on 1st July 1965 and was only 16 when she began posing for photographs with her tits out. At the time this was legal in the UK and she quickly became a topless Page 3 Girl in the tabloid newspaper The Sun.   At 18 she began working as a stripper and posing nude for British girlie magazines like Mayfair and Men Only.   Although these pics of her are marked Busty Brits, they were taken in April 2006 and published in an Aunt Judy set as Deena which was released on 27th July 2006.   Donna’s dark skin is due to her being part Indian, but just look at her wet vagina in the last three pics.

[Image: EP1fERk.jpg]

[Image: shObIi0.jpg]

[Image: l8H7sPV.jpg]

[Image: rTul9XG.jpg]

[Image: bC5MmkC.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , Redpixel , woohoo , EL BORIS

When I introduced Donna to the Forum I mentioned that she started stripping when she was 18 and she performed regularly in a number of London pubs.   Donna’s speciality however was stripping at private bachelor parties.   As well as dancing nude so that the guests could play with her tits and grope her cunt, the finale of Donna’s act was letting one of the guests, sometimes even the bridegroom, fuck her in front of everyone.

[Image: xIznaOc.jpg]

[Image: pWiCk6o.jpg]

[Image: C7eyxci.jpg]

[Image: eXRGEym.jpg]

[Image: j4XVTfe.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , EL BORIS

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