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Vika Sokol
Vika Sokol  aka  Alice,  Alonya,  Anna,  Annette,  Candy,  Dana,  Devyn,  Hannah,  Ira,  Lyusya,  Maria, Marilyn,  Matryoshka,  Sara,  Sheila,  Smilla,  Sneila,  Snelia,  Snella, S tella,  Vicki Dallas Vicky,  Vicky Y,  Victoria C,  Victoria H,  Victory , Vika,  Viktoria,  Viktoria C,  Viktorija,  Viktoriya S.

I have remarked previously about eastern European girls having a variety of stage names, but this young lady must have used a different name every time she took her knickers off in front of a camera!  Vika Sokol is the one that I have chosen to introduce her to the Forum.  She was born in Russia on 17th January 1987 and her natural 34C tits and her pretty cunt were first seen on the internet soon after her 18th birthday in 2005.  The pics are marked Just Teen Porn but they are listed on indexxx as being posted by Karup’s Private Collection on 15th August 2006 with the model calling herself Sheila.

[Image: kXFJ9SM.jpg]

[Image: t8DMTFA.jpg]

[Image: H9DEbe9.jpg]

[Image: wBKbjM9.jpg]

[Image: ZVOjbRQ.jpg]
Thanks given by: woohoo , Redpixel , xxl4skin , cumbie
According to her page on, these pics of Vika showing her tits and cunt was the first time she had been seen nude on the internet.   They were posted on the Karup’s Hometown Amateurs website on 13th July 2005.   Similar to post #1, the pics are stamped Just Teen Porn.

[Image: 65In4X4.jpg]

[Image: JqiwRud.jpg]

[Image: M9UbM84.jpg]

[Image: M9UbM84.jpg]

[Image: RWnygod.jpg]
Thanks given by: woohoo , Redpixel , cumbie , oldslim

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