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Cameron Cruz
AKA: Cameron, Cameron C, Cameron Cruise, Lisa, Lisa C, Liza, Marilyn, Mona, Mona Lisa, Monalisa, Mono, Shannon Bricks, Szilvi, Szilvia, Zsilvia
POB: Hungary
DOB: 26.08.1975

Cameron from Allover30
Set "Ladies with Toys" (May 8, 2009)

[Image: z5c1nlaxh0bm.jpg] [Image: a7t6h8we5tj9.jpg] [Image: nwaiwzkio9a2.jpg]
[Image: plawdumx2t3o.jpg] [Image: 9nyhmncrx7o2.jpg]

Credit to Allover30
Love the women who spread their pussy lips! The muff diving line forms on the right.
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