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Belle Knox
Introducing American porn actress, Miss Belle Knox, who has a nice meaty cunt to the Forum.   She was born as Miriam Weeks in San Antonio, Texas on 9th June 1995 and after High School she attended Duke University.   To help pay her tuition fees, she got a job as a part-time waitress, but due to the long hours and poor salary (less than $400 per month) she decided to look for something else.   Because she enjoyed rough sex and watching pornography she began performing in hardcore porn scenes in November 2013. But it wasn’t very long before a fellow student recognized Miriam and “outed” her on social media. To be continued ...

[Image: wG5UFxH.jpg]

[Image: oPcdshr.jpg]

[Image: AthSZtn.jpg]

[Image: xIUOhR5.jpg]

[Image: CTwuEap.jpg]
Continuing from the previous post, Miriam (as she was known then) became an overnight cause célèbre at the University.   But after a lot of criticism Miriam, who is half Canadian and half Punjabi Indian hit back.   She wasn’t the first girl and wouldn’t the last to become a sex worker to help pay her way through college.   It was entirely HER choice to become a porn actress and get paid for being fucked, which was something she enjoyed.   And just to make sure, Miriam announced that her stage name was Belle Knox. She is a feminist and libertarian and a strong supporter of women’s rights.   These pics of her happily taking her panties off and showing her cunt are from a Cherry Pimps set which was first seen on 16th May 2015.

[Image: jsJbI0W.jpg]

[Image: svFA9B2.jpg]

[Image: f1q3ycK.jpg]

[Image: 6ofxKum.jpg]

[Image: o0su4Y2.jpg]

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