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Vanessa Scott
Vanessa Scott  aka  Jennifer Leike,  Mandy,  Victoriah

Once again, it gives me great pleasure to introduce an English glamour model to the Forum.   Her name is Vanessa Scott and she was born in Manchester, in the north of England, in 1991.   Her natural 32DD tits and her unshaved cunt were first seen on the internet in 2015 and she soon was being seen regularly in the nude on websites such as ATK Hairy and We Are Hairy.   The tattoo under her left breast reads “Seize the moment.”   These pics are of her happily showing her cunt and vagina from a We Are Hairy set titled “Vanessa Scott shows off her sexy body and blue shoes” which was released on 20th January 2016.

[Image: ow5wqWp.jpg]

[Image: nB8fq3e.jpg]

[Image: 1CRnfkT.jpg]

[Image: S0aXI9t.jpg]

[Image: BarjF8m.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , Redpixel , woohoo , lippenfreund
Following on from the bio I wrote when I introduced Vanessa to the Forum, she has done a few shoots with her cunt almost fully shaved.   Here she is  in open crotch tights in Pantyhosed4U set with just a narrow landing strip,  happily showing her cunt and her wet vagina. 

[Image: r2o3Nvx.jpg]

[Image: ObL2IiC.jpg]

[Image: Hiqrmkz.jpg]

[Image: qPVJSbs.jpg]

[Image: GwBva9l.jpg]

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