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Elise Y
Elise Y  aka  Elis,  Elis C

Introducing a Russian glamour model with very tiny tits, puffy nipples and beautiful tight innie cunt to the Forum.   At first sight you could be looking at a seriously underage girl, but according to her bio on the, she was born on 28th September 1999 and was 18 y/o when she was first seen nude on the internet in 2018.   You will see what I mean about Elise having very tiny tits and puffy nipples in pic #2.   These pics of her as Elis are from an Amour Angels set titled “Floral Pattern” which was first seen on 13th March 2019.

[Image: S1ZIzkt.jpg]

[Image: 9HTQYzI.jpg]

[Image: nG1dp6x.jpg]

[Image: m2HKDwY.jpg]

[Image: dx7LJBR.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , butterdog , KhristjanX , rbaxter-11
Here is another selection of pics of Russian nude model Elisa Y showing her tiny tits and tight innie cunt.   This time the pics are from a set from Showy Beauty (where she also goes by the name Elis) titled “Girlish” which was first seen on 7th October 2018. 

[Image: DS2vyRf.jpg]

[Image: dsqOIp6.jpg]

[Image: qr4UBbQ.jpg]

[Image: ATRId63.jpg]

[Image: FERATyi.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , rbaxter-11 , Redpixel , butterdog
Elise Y did two nude shoots for Amour Angels as Elis. I have already posted pics from her second shoot (titled “Floral Pattern”), now here she is in her debut set for Amour Angels titled “Secret Place” which was first seen on 18th July 2018.   I am starting a close-up of Elise’s tiny tits and her puffy teenage nipples before posting some more pics of her happily showing her lovely tight cunt ...

[Image: M7GT27s.jpg]

[Image: 7t0202Y.jpg]

[Image: NYSMO4z.jpg]

[Image: Z9q4NHB.jpg]

[Image: Iv1ARvW.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , butterdog

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