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Matti Parker
Introducing Miss Matti Parker to the Forum.   But except for saying that she has got tiny tits and a nice smooth innie cunt, I can’t tell very much about her.   I cannot find any information about when or where Matti was born or her measurements.   Her career as a nude model was rather brief because she seems to have only done just eight nude shoots, all for Karup’s Hometown Amateurs in 2011, which Karups released onto the internet between 1st June and 11th November 2011.  This was the penultimate set, posted on 5th September.

[Image: wPP5rlE.jpg]

[Image: nQ5OPJW.jpg]

[Image: iTHVDbH.jpg]

[Image: rOBzIto.jpg]

[Image: 2LgudTL.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , Knightoe , rbaxter-11 , butterdog
According to her Indexxx page, these pics are from the first nude shoot that Matti Parker did which Karup’s Hometown Amateur released on 1st June back in 2011.   If it is the first time that Matti had been photographed showing her tiny tits and her lovely innie cunt, she seems to be quite happy and relaxed about it.

[Image: DmdGDHf.jpg]

[Image: AtVBl4g.jpg]

[Image: hkVfdXY.jpg]

[Image: ycQEHI0.jpg]

[Image: oiNZGEy.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , Knightoe , butterdog

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