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Jaye Rose
Jaye Rose  aka  Amy,  Janine,  Jay Rose,  Jessica Davis,  Jessica Dawson,  Rosie Jaye

Introducing Miss Jaye Rose a British porn girl with big natural tits and an innie cunt to the Forum.   But unlike most of the other Brit girls with threads on the Forum who were born in either English or Scotland, Jaye was born in the Capital city of Wales, Cardiff, on 27th August 1990.   Her 36DD tits and her lovely cunt were first seen on the internet in October 2010.   The Welsh have their own language so for "Jaye’s white cotton schoolgirl panties" the Welsh would say “Ysgol y panïau cotwm Gwyn jaye.”   The pics are from a St. Mackenzies set first seen on 5 th May 2012.

[Image: Xii3O84.jpg]

[Image: qeqUHbJ.jpg]

[Image: JfPChIz.jpg]

[Image: T3hLCRI.jpg]

[Image: mD6iO9X.jpg]
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Welsh born porn star Jaye Rose is a girl whose cunt deserves to have had more exposure on the Forum that it has so far.   So to start putting that right, here she is showing her cunt and vagina in a Viv Thomas set which was first seen on 28 June 2011.

[Image: EjDai8q.jpg]

[Image: 1LhMDfN.jpg]

[Image: kbULi0M.jpg]

[Image: ZCS0gmp.jpg]

[Image: ULGm9jw.jpg]

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Like most British porn girls, Jaye Rose did several nude shoots for the UK website Suburban Amateurs. These pics of Jaye showing her tight innie cunt and nice wet vagina are from her first shoot for the website in June 2012 aptly titled “Little Black Dress.”

[Image: byQYyN8.jpg]

[Image: UrRkpRn.jpg]

[Image: jK8iE7e.jpg]

[Image: hQspXna.jpg]

[Image: I0qhu5w.jpg]
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