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Ryder Skye
Introducing Miss Ryder Skye, an American MILF with silicon tits and a tight innie cunt to the Forum.   She was born Erica Kathleen Shimizu in Los Angeles on 13th October 1983 but was Mrs Erica Wallace when she left her high flying executive job and became a stripper.   In 2007 she moved on to posing nude and performing in hardcore porn scenes and now has appeared in over 200 movies.   These pics of her are from a Mommy Blows Set.

[Image: C84C8yl.jpg]

[Image: u59EM1Y.jpg]

[Image: y6x9M4k.jpg]

[Image: Ll1tIAi.jpg]

[Image: 3wQdLSn.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , Redpixel , Knightoe
You may have noticed in the first set of pics of Ryder Skye that she has a tattoo consisting of two Chinese characters between her cunt and her navel.   You can just see the lower character above Ryder’s panties in the upskirt pic, and both characters in the second pic of her nude.   I don’t speak Chinese but I believe the characters translate mean “purity.”   The pics are from Brazzers MILFS Like it Big set titled “Dare for a Big Dick”

[Image: l770UtR.jpg]

[Image: OporfZb.jpg]

[Image: w4pNT29.jpg]

[Image: oLu0Xmm.jpg]

[Image: j8sDcen.jpg]
Thanks given by: Knightoe , cumbie

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