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Annette Schwarz
Introducing German glamour model and porn actress who has a tight innie cunt, Fräulein Annette Schwarz to the Forum.   She was born Annette Carmen Schönlaub on 26th March 1984 in the city of Mainz in the Rhineland, but was educated at an all-girls school in France.   She left school at the age of 17 and moved to Munich to begin training as a nurse but soon gave that up to become a porn actress instead.   One of her specialities is taking a guy’s cock AND his balls into her mouth at the same time!   So I guess that it is appropriate to post some pics of her from the Throated website – but without a cock or any balls in her mouth.   These cunt pics of Annette were first seen on 21 March 2008.

[Image: kiAcOrI.jpg] [Image: TwCrNy2.jpg]

[Image: ghQTd5s.jpg] [Image: kXgw4w0.jpg]

[Image: IElimef.jpg]

Credit to Throated
Thanks given by: Knightoe , cumbie , Redpixel , woohoo , lippenfreund
Here are some more pics of German porn actress Annette Schwarz showing her enge Fotze (which according to Google Translate means tight cunt) whilst she dildos ihr Arschloch (her arsehole).   I am very confused about the source of the pics - they are marked as being from Club Girls, but Indexxx also lists the same set as being posted by Cherrypimps on 12 May 2011 and Twistys on 6 June 2008.

[Image: Nnnf1Xe.jpg]

[Image: 8te4lGa.jpg]

[Image: NX7tu1n.jpg]

[Image: TMdC2Hj.jpg]

[Image: bNYTRKM.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie
Here is Annette Schwarz in a Digital Playground set slowly taking her panties off and showing her very delicious tight cunt.

[Image: SFEwna3.jpg]

[Image: 4xsnqJ3.jpg]

[Image: 6w12WQO.jpg]

[Image: cBCEYnK.jpg]

[Image: eK9ToQ4.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie

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