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Jasmin Jai
Introducing a 34 year old MILF Jasmin Jai, who has a tight innie cunt to the Forum.   Jasmin was born in Atlanta, Georgia and seems to have made her nude debut on the internet with this set of pics from All Over 30 which were first seen on 12th October 2019.   Jasmin is also a stripper so she is already accustomed to people seeing her tits and her cunt, but as a newbie on the internet, she seems to be being confused with the 30 something English MILF porn actress with a similar name, Jasmin Jae.   Although both girls are brunettes and have big tits, Jasmin Jae has enhanced DD cup tits, whilst Jasmin Jai’s tits are a bit smaller,  but are  100% natural.

[Image: Zy74Fvf.jpg]

[Image: SoYfZ0O.jpg]

[Image: Wh5DIUi.jpg]

[Image: Qk3CmZr.jpg]

[Image: FFplOYI.jpg]
Thanks given by: Redpixel , cumbie , woohoo , butterdog
Here are some more pics of the new girl Jasmin Jai in another set from All Over 30, which was seen for the first time on 28th November 2019.   In this set Jasmin is wearing panties, but not for long and is soon showing her innie cunt.   Finally she holds her cunt open so that we can see her nice juicy vagina.  The pics are 4800 x 3200.

[Image: kvTqvXg.jpg]

[Image: Y2oOIR2.jpg]

[Image: PDbpPlN.jpg]

[Image: 9xpUvDP.jpg]

[Image: fbQzaI1.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , Redpixel
Here are some more pics of 34 year old MILF stripper Jasmin Jai showing her innie cunt in an All Over 30 set with the title “Glossy Dark Hair”

[Image: GRPC4Ix.jpg]

[Image: RDIHegN.jpg]

[Image: gcw7MpF.jpg]

[Image: PdONagA.jpg]

[Image: k0ZKBYL.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo

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