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Jenni Lee
Introducing thirty something American MILF, Jenni Lee to the Forum.   She was born Stephanie Sadorra in Clarksville, Tennessee, on 11 February 1982.   Stephanie began her career as an adult entertainer by working as a stripper before moving on to nude modelling and performing in hardcore porn movies in her early 20’s.   Here she is showing her gorgeous cunt in a set by Twistys which was first seen on 7th July 2012.

[Image: MbpSL8Q.jpg]

[Image: VwPld7e.jpg]

[Image: EJ93LKL.jpg]

[Image: 1ZXxXpH.jpg]

[Image: kMraUc8.jpg]
There cannot be many brides whose photographs of their big day include pics of them stripping and then showing their tits and cunts, but here are some pic of porn actress Jenni Lee doing just that.

But back in the early 1990’s, I knew a girl who became a stripper after her husband had left her.   One of her most popular routines was “Here Cums the Bride” when she wore her real wedding dress on which her mother had replaced the zips and the hook and eye fastenings with Velcro so that Shirley could easily take the dress off and show the audience her bra and knickers and later her tits and cunt.

These pics are from a Brazzers' Real Wife Stories set.

[Image: OXkzKWL.jpg]

[Image: zU94FLm.jpg]

[Image: 5oLSzNf.jpg]

[Image: eGifIyR.jpg]

[Image: 3C9V133.jpg]
Here is the second instalment of Jenni Lee’s bridal photos.   As with the first set we start with Jenni looking to be the perfect bride before she flashes her panties, gets her tits out and shows us more of her beautiful cunt.   As before, the pics are from a Brazzers’ Real Wife Stories set.

[Image: mp9lT6F.jpg]

[Image: KtQNxdR.jpg]
[Image: llQeg6W.jpg]

[Image: LVEGAsF.jpg]

[Image: qdOyBMp.jpg]

Here is Jenni Lee again, this time replacing her wedding dress and bridal underwear with a sexy basque, (with a white bra on underneath) and open mesh fishnet tights which are not restraining her cunt lips at all.   The pics are from Foxes but the pic were first seen in a Digital Desire set on 8th June 2010.

[Image: z5Piqid.jpg]

[Image: IlBwhk4.jpg]

[Image: xiy0jEx.jpg]

[Image: UjSlwT9.jpg]

[Image: n5Z0DFE.jpg]
Here are some more great pics of the very attractive MILF Jenni Lee in a set from Brazzers’ Pornstars like it Big website which was first seen on 1 st October 2012.   We begin with a nice upskirt shot of Jenni wearing a latex mini-dress showing her sexy white panties, which she soon takes off.   The final pics are Jenni in the nude except from her lace socks and stilettos showing her delicious cunt.

[Image: szS6WS2.jpg]

[Image: IzHb2Bl.jpg]

[Image: YDBKAvU.jpg]

[Image: W5P5Hfm.jpg]

[Image: u9KJRNJ.jpg]
Here are some great pics of the delectable Jenni Lee doing a striptease by the fireside.   She begins wearing a matching pink lingerie set, but she has certainly got her priorities right because she soon pulls her panties aside to show us her very fuckable cunt which she continues to do even as she takes the panties off.   The pics are from a Twistys set which was first seen on January 5th 2013.

[Image: BJm1nlM.jpg]

[Image: NV8PcHJ.jpg]

[Image: IMiYjVW.jpg]

[Image: 2gs5w8U.jpg]

[Image: uS0nmTv.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , Redpixel , woohoo , lippenfreund , butterdog
Following on from the previous post, here is the second selection of pics from Jenni Lee’s fireside striptease set by Twistys which was first seen on 5th January 2013.   We start with Jenni still with her bra on, but after that she is nude all the way ...

[Image: yPNsdBw.jpg]

[Image: zCwiTWp.jpg]

[Image: oqkgNiP.jpg]

[Image: 1G0Hjmr.jpg]

[Image: 8IVLFtu.jpg]
Here is Jenni Lee in black stockings pulling down her black panties and showing her very attractive cunt in another great Twisty’s set which was first seen on 17th April 2013.

[Image: 4pG2A6l.jpg]

[Image: MokwPGe.jpg]

[Image: uJebxA3.jpg]

[Image: tFt2L8k.jpg]

[Image: kmZMQuf.jpg]
Here is American MILF Jenni Lee at the start of a Brazzers boy-girl set.   The set begins with Jenni exercising in a white catsuit without any underwear on underneath.   The outline of Jenni’s nipples can be seen in some of the earlier pics, but the first pic that I have chosen to post doesn’t leave too much to the imagination about her cunt.   After Jenni takes off her catsuit, showing us plenty of cunt as she does so, she is joined by a masseur who massages Jenni’s cunt whilst she sucks his cock, before they have vaginal sex.

[Image: elp6BoY.jpg]

[Image: yZVIewQ.jpg]

[Image: 7HkKzPy.jpg]

[Image: PuNhHda.jpg]

[Image: SHbFaHU.jpg]
Here is the delightful Miss Jenni Lee getting her priorities right by pulling her panties down to show us her beautiful cunt before taking her bra off!    After that she is nude in the rest of the set from Twisty’s which was first seen on 10th April 2012.   The set ends with a couple of great pics of Jenni holding her cunt wide open so that we can see her piss hole and vagina ...

[Image: 34wzTbB.jpg]

[Image: YFX7PXd.jpg] [Image: hGqougD.jpg]

[Image: CXIT9ld.jpg]

[Image: Osjx8Rv.jpg]

Labia content above created and owned by Twistys
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , KhristjanX , Redpixel , lippenfreund

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