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Ainslee Divine
Introducing an American MILF with large cunt lips, Ainsley Devine to the Forum.    It seems that she only began posing nude her mid 40s in 2017 and one of her first shoots was for FTV MILFS.   These pics are from two of those sets which were first seen on 14th February 2017.   For the record Ainslee’s date of birth was 27th November 1973 and her measurements are 34DDD-26-36.

[Image: tf3Y0Hv.jpg] [Image: 4KBT2MZ.jpg] [Image: Lf8uqOw.jpg]

[Image: dxMPZKw.jpg] [Image: t2qB0MV.jpg]

Credit to FTVMILFS
Here's Ainslee in her FTV video, including some nice stretching...
Most women getting in and out of a low-slung sports car when they’re wearing a dress, try to do it elegantly so they don’t accidentally flash their panties.   But as we can see, Ainslee Divine is definitely not one of those women.   Not only has she taken her panties off, she is spreading her legs so that it's nice and easy to see her cunt.

[Image: qtUfGaV.jpg]

And as well as showing her cunt as she gets out of the car, Ainslee gets her big tits out for us too.   These pics and the others in this post are from Ainslee’s second shoot for FTV MILFS which was first seen on 15th May 2018.

[Image: O0SonwF.jpg]

[Image: NIYEe4S.jpg]

We finish with a couple of nude pics of Ainslee holding her cunt open from another set of her May 2018 FTV MILFS shoot.

[Image: xNSReIl.jpg]

[Image: TfYx9De.jpg]

The video!

via FTV.
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo
Here is Ainslee Devine showing her cunt again, this time in a set from the model’s own website.   We start with a pic of Ainslee in a revealing pink dress flashing her white lace panties ...

[Image: maUZlPC.jpg]

And now for some pics of Ainslee showing her cunt ...

[Image: veG9Cx5.jpg]

[Image: PedJ4cK.jpg]

[Image: W18CzSK.jpg]

[Image: eeQ85sW.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , Redpixel , lippenfreund , rbaxter-11

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