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Petra Mis
Petra Mis  aka  Kyna,  Micha,  Michaela,  Misha,  Paolina A,  Petra Merek,  Petra Miskova,  Sherry Railey,  Sherry Riley.

Introducing busty glamour model and porn actress, Petra Mis to the Forum.   She was born as Petra Mišková on 7th April 1982 in the industrial region of Východočeský kraj in the Czech Republic and her natural 34DD tits and her nice meaty cunt were first seen in the nude on the internet in 2004.   She was soon joined on the porn scene by her younger sister Lucie (born 26th October 1984).   Although both girls have natural 34DD tits Lucie’s cunt lips are smaller than her sister’s, but not small enough for her to be an innie girl.   Petra and Lucie have done several girl-girl shoots together and I will post some pics from one tomorrow.   These pics of Petra showing her cunt are from a set by Amour Babes.

[Image: 5X7y9IZ.jpg] [Image: f1aofLz.jpg]

[Image: SDR0rfG.jpg]

[Image: 8xCswJ9.jpg] [Image: ZxL5TF8.jpg]

Credit to AmourBabes
Thanks given by: Knightoe , cumbie , Redpixel , woohoo , eldios86 , rbaxter-11
As promised, here are some pics of Petra Mišcová and her younger sister Lucie Mišcová, both showing their cunts.   In the sets, the girls could easily be mistaken twins as both are blonde and at the start, both are wearing similar purple bras and panties.   They are wearing identical shoes even have almost identical pubic hair styles!   However, Petra has the slightly lighter hair and she is the only one of the sisters showing her cunt in the first pic.   In pics #2 and #3, Lucie is sitting on the floor and in the last two photos, Petra is nearest to the camera.  The pics are from a set by Busty Cafe.

[Image: jnSTff5.jpg]

[Image: JLw95tW.jpg]

[Image: mFMbH5Q.jpg]

[Image: lG7kFQh.jpg]

[Image: ncZOyUs.jpg]

Thanks given by: Knightoe , cumbie , Redpixel , woohoo , rbaxter-11
This was in a magazine around 20 years ago (I think) originally.
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