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Rojo Montana
Rojo Montana  aka  Malice Marzipan,  Mieka Chevlier

Introducing a 25 year old black girl with natural 36D tits and a very wet innie cunt to the Forum.   Her name is Rojo Montana and it seems that she born born in Louisiana.   Here she is a set from ATK Exotics Black Women #369519 which was first seen on 23 rd May 2019.

This is Rojo in a revealing black evening gown and it’s pretty obvious that she isn’t wearing a bra …

[Image: iOQPVFB.jpg]

And better still, no panties either ...
[Image: 3HFdLjk.jpg]

I said in my introduction that Rojo’s nice shaved cunt got very wet.   Just look at all her cunt juice ...

[Image: sjAqbaT.jpg] [Image: a5O93g1.jpg] [Image: wpPAnsf.jpg]

Credit to ATKExotics, a member of the AMKingdom Network
Thanks given by: eldios86 , woohoo , cumbie
The first time we saw black beauty Rojo she was wearing a revealing black evening dress without any underwear on underneath. Here she is again in another black evening dress, this time a lot more lace and frills but still not wearing a bra because her left nipple is peeping over the top of the dress …

[Image: LJESW3s.jpg]

And once again, no panties …

[Image: sXVAmSa.jpg]

[Image: KzKRZWY.jpg]

And again, when Rojo holds her cunt open for us we can see her vagina is nice and wet, but perhaps not quite as wet as before … 

[Image: 8thcZ6q.jpg]

[Image: hJiDdlT.jpg]

The pics are from an ATK Exotics Black Women set #369526 which was first seen on 16th May 2019

Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo

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