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Paris White
For many years there has been a special relationship between the USA and the UK.   This was specially true during WW2 when the leaders of the Allies, President Franklin D Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill met on many occasions.   Before retuning to the USA, Paris visited the statue of the two men in New Bond Street and sat on the bench between them. Then it was back to the hotel for Paris to do a striptease in front of the window. These and the other pics of Paris in London are from ATK Amateur sets #378411 and #378412 which were first seen on 19th and 25th June 2020.

[Image: oy12BON.jpg]

[Image: W0Cifn9.jpg]

[Image: 7Tc7TJy.jpg]

[Image: YcO4EbM.jpg]

[Image: qnh6JFw.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , rbaxter-11 , Redpixel , butterdog
Here is Paris White on a balcony in a pretty summer dress giving us a cheeky upskirt peek of her light blue polka-dot panties.   But the panties are all Paris is wearing under her dress.   First she pulls the panties aside to show us her lovely innie cunt, and then she pulls the top of her dress down and gets her tits out for us.   Although I guess this could be classed as a striptease set, Paris doesn’t actually take anything off, not even her panties, but never the less, we get a superb close-up of her hot, wet vagina in the final pic.   The 2000 x 3000 pics are from an ATK Amateur set #379427 which was first seen on 6th August 2020

[Image: seDEpH0.jpg]

[Image: MFNcplv.jpg]

[Image: Zfr9XW9.jpg]

[Image: ozvZueY.jpg]

[Image: F9ssAD0.jpg]
Earlier this year we saw Paris celebrating Valentine’s Day with a trip to the Napa Valley.  Here she is back in Californian wine country, this time in Samona.   We begin with a pic of Paris with a very appropriate slogan on her mini dress enjoying a glass of Meadowcroft wine at Cornerstone.  The second  pic, taken in the Cornerstone Gardens is a sign of the times because Paris is wearing a Covid-19 facemask whilst she flashes her panties!   Later, Paris enjoys the evening sun in the nude, first reminding us that she has a nice tight innie cunt before holding her cunt open to so that we can admire her very inviting vagina. The 2000 x 3000 pics are from an ATK Amateur set #380147 which was first seen on 12th September 2020.

[Image: W9gANKZ.jpg]

[Image: fWRQ5hM.jpg]

[Image: d2pgleX.jpg]

[Image: YCYUfDw.jpg]

[Image: fX6Nl95.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , Redpixel , rbaxter-11 , lippenfreund
As we have seen in some previous posts, Paris White enjoys wine tasting and here she is with plenty of samples to try at Castello di Amorosa in Calistoga, during her recent trip to California.   And it seems that the wine has made Paris loose some of her inhibitions because a little later we see her happily posing on the battlements with her tits out!   It also seems that Paris has forgotten to pack her ladyshave on this trip, but who cares about a bit of pubic stubble when her cunt gets as wet as in the last pics?   The 2000 x 3000 pics are from an ATK Girlfriends set #380233 which was released on 17th September 2020.

[Image: hEkV2mY.jpg]

[Image: w1Zb5yH.jpg]

[Image: Jb4LzbH.jpg]

[Image: yLqWYHd.jpg]

[Image: EgV6jK1.jpg]
Thanks given by: woohoo , Redpixel , rbaxter-11 , cumbie , lippenfreund
In recent posts we have seen Paris in the Californian wine region, London and Dublin but here she is in a normal striptease set starting with a cheeky peek up her mini-skirt to flash her red panties.   Paris soon pulls the panties aside to remind us that she has an innie cunt which then holds open so that we can see her very inviting vagina.   But I think that Paris’s vagina might have proved to be too inviting for her boyfriend (who is also her photographer) because in the last few pics (which I haven’t used) Paris’s face is covered in cum.   The pics are from an ATK Girlfriends set #380806 which was released on 2 th October 2020.

[Image: UhfWAT6.jpg]

[Image: rcZfTkl.jpg]

[Image: d5H49Bl.jpg]

[Image: V6npiDU.jpg]

[Image: C56nCAi.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , Redpixel , rbaxter-11 , lippenfreund
Earlier this year I posted a set of pics of Paris White in Dublin (Post #3) which included a backshot of her jeans pulled down showing her arse in a bar underneath a sign warning that there is hidden CCTV.   I have recent come across some more pics from the same shoot (ATK Girlfriends #377149) which starts with Paris in the bar enjoying a large glass of white wine.   The wine seems to have made Paris loose her inhibitions because first she pulls her top up to show off her tits, then she pulls down her jeans and panties to bare her arse (a different pic to Post #3) and finally she sits on a bar stool, still with her jeans and panties pulled down and holds her cunt wide open.   Not only can we see Paris’s animal print panties, we can also see her clitoris and see into her vagina.   But is that a carefully hidden tampon string we can see too?

[Image: y4P978Y.jpg]

[Image: XBfO2Um.jpg]

[Image: dr5CIiZ.jpg]

[Image: Lgq1WHm.jpg]

[Image: FwjImKX.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , lippenfreund , Redpixel , rbaxter-11
Most girls who wear mini-skirts can easily get in and out of a car without showing their panties (that is if they are wearing any), but here is Paris White ignoring all the rules and showing not only her black panties but also her cunt as she gets out of a Lexus.   After getting out we see her showing her cunt and holding it open as she poses on the what I think is known as the hood of the car in the US, (the bonnet in the UK).   The 3000 x 2000 pics are from Paris's latest ATK Girlfriends set #381083 which was released on 14th November 2020.

[Image: D0UpcAM.jpg]

[Image: APq5D8J.jpg]

[Image: RVJbdO3.jpg]

[Image: ZNQgnRq.jpg]

[Image: qf1OzyL.jpg]
Thanks given by: woohoo , Redpixel , lippenfreund , cumbie , rbaxter-11
Paris White did her first nude shoot for ATKingdom on 31st May 2019 and the pics from that shoot were released a few days later on 9th June as set #370261.   I have previous posted a lot of pics of Paris with her clothes on whilst she has been out and about in public so for this post I have selected five pics of her completely nude holding her cunt open and showing her vagina.   Judging by her happy smiley face Paris was really enjoying flaunting her body.

[Image: CnqPb6j.jpg]

[Image: Xgxn0ew.jpg]

[Image: z9h2RqS.jpg]

[Image: IwED2Id.jpg]

[Image: qgMZ4Id.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , Redpixel , rbaxter-11
Here is the delectable Miss Paris White showing us her tight innie cunt and hot wet very fuckable vagina.   These pics are from an ATK Girlfriends set, #380318, which was released on 26 September 2020.

[Image: ooYHeeV.jpg]

[Image: bL19T6L.jpg]

[Image: q6WDzYx.jpg]

[Image: EIbkISO.jpg]

[Image: LJLKfsb.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , Redpixel , rbaxter-11
I have lost count of the number of pics of girls showing their cunts that I have posted on the Forum during 2020.   But one girl really caught my eye in May 2020 – and not just because she had been photographed pissing.   That girl was Miss Paris White and during 2020, I posted a total of 140 pics of her, from shopping in Dublin and London to being completely nude holding her cunt wide open.   These pics Paris from set #370264 were taken on the same day as her first nude shoot for ATK Premium on 31 May 2019.

[Image: 4L14CgZ.jpg]

[Image: g0hpng2.jpg]

[Image: yIzlwvJ.jpg]

[Image: Jqq9BL1.jpg]

[Image: ndWbny9.jpg]
Thanks given by: woohoo , cumbie , rbaxter-11

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