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Paris White
It is breakfast time on Valentine Day 2020 and after posing in her new shiny pink latex lingerie, Paris is now ready for her breakfast. She has an exciting day ahead with a trip on the Napa Valley Wine Train as a treat for Valentine Day and a present for her 22nd birthday, which was two days before.

[Image: jJROyFB.jpg]

The Napa Valley is one of the world’s best wine growing regions and on the train Paris will be able to sample a selection of Napa Valley wines during the journey.   Here is Paris at Napa station, with the train, which consists of beautifully restored vintage carriages, in the background.

[Image: s3lAu5s.jpg]

I said that Paris would be sampling wine during the journey and here she is with three glasses of white and three glasses of red in front of her, but it looks like she has already emptied one of the red wine glasses!   I wonder if the grapes for one of those wines was grown in the vineyard in the background?   But I will let you into a little secret. As you will see when we fast forward to the last two pics, which were taken back at her hotel, I am pretty sure that on the train, Paris was not wearing a bra or any panties.

[Image: LaEvuwL.jpg]

[Image: nPSaIuj.jpg]

[Image: NtYrdfI.jpg]

Thanks given by: lippenfreund , cumbie , Creetos , rbaxter-11
A final look at Paris White on the Napa Valley Wine Train starting with a shot of having a breath of fresh air on the outdoor balcony of train’s Observation Car.

[Image: XHYHXW1.jpg]

Next, it is a gourmet lunch with more wine …

[Image: MZ6Cm3e.jpg]

And then it is back to her hotel. We saw in the previous post that Paris wasn’t wearing any panties on the train and here she is proving that she isn’t wearing a bra either.

[Image: BM1Alzz.jpg]

[Image: GTugbZj.jpg]

And finally, here is a very tempting close-up of Paris showing her arsehole, her cunt and her nice wet vagina.   During her porn career Paris has had both vaginal and anal sex.   These and all the other pics of Paris in Napa are from an ATKingdom set #377645 which was first seen on 11th May 2020.

[Image: mEfWBsK.jpg]

Thanks given by: lippenfreund , cumbie , woohoo , butterdog , rbaxter-11
A couple of weeks ago I posted a few pics of Paris and Riley Star showing first their panties and then their cunts in an ATK set #378237.   Here is Paris posing again with another girl, this time Elsa Jean whose plump cunt lips has been seen many time before on the Forum.   As the set of Paris and Riley, we start with a great upskirt shot of Paris and Elsa showing their panties, but after that it’s another two cunts for the price of one set.   The pics are from ATKingdom Upskirts and Panties set #378577 which was first seen on 27th June 2020.

[Image: WjMp9EK.jpg]

[Image: mjVUdii.jpg]

[Image: JT7ExVZ.jpg]

[Image: jNJdD7H.jpg]

[Image: 70gwF3N.jpg]
The more I see of Paris White the more addicted I am.   Not only is she pretty with a lovely pair of tits, she is a very naughty girl-next-door who loves showing her beautiful wet cunt when ever she has the chance.   In this set from ATK Amateurs #378523 which was first seen on 29th July 2020, Paris was also photographed flashing those pink cotton panties and getting her tits out on a pick-your-own farm.

[Image: yLiI1sm.jpg]

[Image: 8PCt2r9.jpg]

[Image: K5FwHb2.jpg]

[Image: KkWBjJR.jpg]

[Image: If9F0U4.jpg]
After visiting Dublin, (Posts #3 to #5), Paris White and her boyfriend crossed the Irish Sea to spend a few days in the UK, just prior to the UK going into lockdown because of Covid-19.   Paris’s itinerary included a visit to the Roman city of Bath. The 110 mile train journey from London Paddington station takes about one hour 20 minutes.  We begin with a shot of Paris with her Paddington Bear alongside the departure board showing her train was due to depart at 9.32 am.

[Image: NHX1w1f.jpg]

Like most visitors to Bath, Paris and her boyfriend headed for the Roman Baths, where the Romans bathed nude.    Unfortunately visitor are no longer allowed to bathe in the water which is thermally heated to 46ºC (115ºF).

[Image: WP419oO.jpg]

One of the things that I have learned about Paris is that she loves her food and here she is in a Bath pub with not only a pint best bitter but about to dine on a traditional British dish of battered fish with chips and peas and tartar sauce.

[Image: bxJxUrd.jpg]

And finally a couple of pics of Paris as we like to see her – happily showing her cunt in her hotel bathroom.  The pics are from an ATK set #378412 which was first seen on 25th June 2020.

[Image: wEEEiMs.jpg]

[Image: ur9cIEh.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , Redpixel , rbaxter-11
As well as the Roman Baths, Paris and her boyfriend also visited the historic Bath Abbey which is one the last great medieval cathedrals to be built in England.   Here is Paris outside the West front with its unique ladders of Angels carved into the turrets on both sides.

[Image: RtzdkJc.jpg]

Next on Paris’s itinerary was to visit the Jane Austen Centre where Paris posed beside a life size wax model of the novelist whose most famous work was Pride & Prejudice which was published in 1812.

[Image: ME1JsLj.jpg]

It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.   I think that it could be paraphrased as 
the way inside Paris’s panties is by feeding her!   We saw in the previous post that Paris had fish chips and peas for lunch, less than two hours later she is having Afternoon Tea with Mr Darcy in the Regency Tea Rooms in Bath which includes finger sandwiches, warm scones and Dorset clotted cream. 

[Image: XjxVMbX.jpg]

But back in the hotel bathroom all that food is showing results with Paris showing her cunt and holding it open to show us her vagina.

[Image: AmNetAN.jpg]

[Image: lBevHeM.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , Redpixel
Beginning to sound like a tour guide for russian assassins!
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From Bath we fast forward to London and Paris’s bedroom in the Shangri La Hotel in the Shard in London.  At 1016 feet high, the Shard is the tallest building in the UK, but it seems that she has slept in this pink bra and panties which she is happily revealing what her is under her underwear beginning with her cunt.

[Image: ojOKlLB.jpg]

Looking at this pic of Paris’s nipples, I wonder if that like the orange juice she will be served at breakfast, her nipples have been freshly squeezed.

[Image: I7XZXpq.jpg]

[Image: QR0bZfx.jpg]

[Image: xU4TzTe.jpg]

And here is Paris about to enjoy a full English breakfast before exploring London – scrambled eggs, bacon, a hash brown, black pudding with a mushroom and grilled tomato.

[Image: 91sRmSA.jpg]
Thanks given by: Redpixel , woohoo , rbaxter-11 , cumbie
After breakfast, Paris and her boyfriend took the London Undergound train to South Kensington, but only an hour after breakfast Paris could not resist a cookie and a carton of milk …

[Image: BjP0krz.jpg]

Paris was on her way to visit London’s famous Natural History Museum.

[Image: KbwrD3a.jpg]

The world famous department store Harrods is not far from the Museums and Paris could not resist visiting Harrod’s Food Hall.

[Image: zIrETeY.jpg]

Then back to the hotel in The Shard ...

[Image: KrDjhPS.jpg]

[Image: H579rJM.jpg]
Thanks given by: rbaxter-11 , cumbie , woohoo
Here is Paris enjoying the sights of London including St. Paul’s Cathedral from the part of the Jubilee Walkway that runs alongside the south bank of the River Thames.  She was on her way for a pint and kingsize chicken and chips lunch on the terrace outside the Founders Arms pub, before it is cunt time back at the hotel.

[Image: Wl9LXT1.jpg]

[Image: e3mEv6Y.jpg]

[Image: Bl4b4SN.jpg]

[Image: Ximptyo.jpg]

[Image: rriTCOr.jpg]
Thanks given by: woohoo , Redpixel , cumbie , rbaxter-11

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