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Olyesa Blue
Introducing Miss Olyesa Blue to the Forum.   I cannot tell you anything about her except that the first pic taken up Olyesa’s skirt is one of the best upskirt shots that I have ever seen.   And then I discovered that under those polka dot panties and her pink fishnet tights, Olyesa has a beautiful tight innie cunt and she deserves a thread on the Forum.   The pics are from a set produced by Tasty Teen Video.   I look forward to seeing more…

[Image: XMafLqF.jpg] [Image: szGG4lI.jpg] [Image: uMMhGpr.jpg]

[Image: yQybxjs.jpg] [Image: Fb5cgDi.jpg]

Credit to TastyTeenVideo
Thanks given by: cumbie , butterdog , eldios86 , Knightoe

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