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Mistress with big lips
This isn’t so much a story, but I thought I’d share some of the fun I have with my wife. 

My wife has amazing labia that are quite large, not huge, but certainly i would say in the top 10% size wise, her lips are what got me really into big labia, it was never something I had really thought about before. 

For years I hadn’t mentioned anything to her about it, fearing she may not like her big lips, being under the false impression that it’s something unappealing to have down there. 

Anyway, via text message I started dropping in comments about her lips being big and how much I loved them. After a week or so of this she told me she didn’t like me referring to her lips as ‘big’ which was a bit disappointing. 

I assured her that not only was there nothing wrong or unusual about having big labia, but they drove me mad with lust every time I saw or even thought about them! This seemed to make her more comfortable with the idea. 

Fast forward a couple of weeks or so and she’s now fully embraced her ‘gift’ and quite often instead of having sex she now enjoys teasing me with her lips. Taking them in her fingers and pulling them wide open whilst telling me I’m only allowed to suck on her toes and NOT allowed to look at her big pussy lips! 

She’ll continue to describe what she’s doing and what I’m not allowed to see “I’m pulling my lips wide open, they feel so big and it’s making me wet!”

Then she’ll instruct me that I’m now allowed to gaze upon her big wet pussy lips and I take a peak usually cumming instantly after touching myself whilst sucking on her toes. 

Have to say, hearing a woman talk about her big lips is a massive turn on for me and I’m really glad my wife not only embraces it so well now, she seems to get really turned on herself by the effect it has on me.
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Thank you for your testimony and you're really lucky to have a woman with big lips, and that she'll play with it!
Wanted : French woman with long labia to play ! Angel
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