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Angelina Valentine
Introducing American MILF Angelina Valentine to the Forum. Born as Alexandra Colmenares in Lexington, Kentucky on 19th September 1986, she began showing her tits and cunt in front of audience in 2004 in a Kentucky strip club when she only 18 years old.   She was discovered performing at the club by a visiting stripper, the pornstar Adriana Sage who persuaded Angelina to move to LA in 2006 and become a porn actress.   Back then Angelina had natural B cup tits, but had them enlarged to D cup in 2007 and then had a second boob job in 2009 which gave her a pair of 34DD tits.   Here she showing her 34DD tits and her nice meaty cunt in an Aziani set first seen on 29th January 2013

[Image: oeV0Xt3.jpg] [Image: oVHIqlu.jpg]

[Image: sjTTh7o.jpg]

[Image: GCCMxsn.jpg] [Image: 8KXoLOo.jpg]

Labia content created and owned by Aziani
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , rbaxter-11 , Redpixel
Pictures of Angelina Valentine from PentHouse's Carried Away set, March 19, 2015, @ 2667 x 4000:

[Image: th_526972772_Angelina_Valentine_p_h_carr...2_98lo.jpg].[Image: th_752697825_Angelina_Valentine_p_h_carr..._233lo.jpg].[Image: th_526985608_Angelina_Valentine_p_h_carr..._469lo.jpg]

[Image: th_526992836_Angelina_Valentine_p_h_carr..._523lo.jpg].[Image: th_526999849_Angelina_Valentine_p_h_carr..._154lo.jpg]


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