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Bibette Blanche
Introducing Bibette Blanche, an American MILF with big cunt lips to the Forum.   She is one of the girls in the list of pornstars with large labia a post by Felix, but up to now Bibette hasn’t got a thread of her own.   Born in Islip on Long Island in New York on 6th May 1968, Bibette says that she and her husband are swingers and he encourages her to be photographed and filmed being fucked by other guys.   Her 34DD tits and her nice juicy cunt lips were first seen on the internet on 2007. In most of Bibette’s pics on the internet she has a cock in her mouth or in her cunt, but she has done at least one solo set for Old Horny MILFs.  These are some pics from that set with Bibette posing in blue underwear and blue fishnet stockings.

[Image: BDLfxhF.jpg]

And here she is pulling her panties aside to show us her cunt lips.

[Image: 9uwvlmQ.jpg]

Here is Bibette with her 34DD cup tits out ...
[Image: HyOLP1r.jpg]

[Image: RQbmbZ0.jpg]

And finally, here is a close-up of Bibette holding her cunt open to show us her VERY wet vagina.

[Image: 0s57NHw.jpg]

Credit to OldHornyMILFS
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , Redpixel , rbaxter-11 , oldslim , OnanCummings
Here are a few more pics of Bibette showing her 34DD tits and her wet cunt from the same Old Horny MILFS set as the previous post.

[Image: xf2S117.jpg] [Image: 1aGB3s9.jpg]

[Image: 6hBXRPi.jpg]

[Image: mNcxMGR.jpg] [Image: iq1t6ut.jpg]

Credit to OldHornyMILFS
Thanks given by: cumbie , Redpixel , woohoo , rbaxter-11 , OnanCummings

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