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Angie Koks
Angie Koks   aka   Angela,  Angie,  Angie Cocks,  Ginger,  Ilana,  Illana,  Inga,  Koks,  Linden,  Llana,  Marina,  Marusha,  Miroslava,  Suzie,  Vanessa,  Vera. 

Introducing Russian porn actress with an innie cunt, Angie Koks to the Forum. She was born in St. Petersburg on 6th April 1992.  As well as the selection of stage names already listed, she has performed as Alessia Lebedeva and Natacha Chtabova, one of which could be her actual birth name.   Her tiny tits (her bra cup size varies between 32AA and 32B depending on which bio you read) and her lovely innie cunt were first seen nude on the internet in 2013.

In many sets Angie has blonde hair but in this set from Reality Kings (Euro Sex Parties) she is a brunette. Just look how wet and inviting her cunt appears in the last picture …

[Image: 0o6aGAq.jpg]

[Image: 1qkRjg3.jpg]

[Image: 1Wmfmjk.jpg]

[Image: H4Xoy0n.jpg]

[Image: qWkevuD.jpg]

Thanks given by: Redpixel , woohoo , eldios86 , cumbie , lippenfreund
Russian beauty, Angie Koks is a girl whose lovely smooth cunt deserves to be seen a lot more on the Forum.   In this set from Euro Sex Parties which was first seen on 26th June 2014, we start with a pic of her in a one piece bodysuit which seems to be wet around the crotch.   And looking at the second pic, I am sure that I am right! 

[Image: gchsAhg.jpg]

[Image: 5Wu5M7f.jpg]

[Image: xF5GvZT.jpg]

[Image: 5aSQ5mt.jpg]

[Image: sPTpksD.jpg]
Thanks given by: lippenfreund , cumbie , woohoo , butterdog , Redpixel

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