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Charlie Dimmock
I guess that most British members of the Forum will have heard of TV garden makeover expert, Charlie Dimmock.   Born Charlotte Elouise Dimmock in Southampton on 10th August 1966, she made her TV debut in 1997 and immediately attracted a lot of attention because in most programmes she went bra-less and the outline of her nipples was clearly visible through her top, specially on cold days! 

Whilst looking some something entirely different recently, I found two pics of Miss Dimmock in the nude.  One is of her with a minge sitting on a gate, in the other one she is standing with her white knickers around her ankles with her cunt fully shaved.

[Image: twvJalX.jpg]

[Image: EM3FavR.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , rbaxter-11

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