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Ripped Vixen
I have to admit that although seeing female body builders in the nude doesn’t really turn me on, I do have to admit that I have become fascinated by how weight lifting not only develops a woman’s muscles, it also develops her cunt lips and her clitoris too.

 The latest female body builder that I have found showing her cunt goes by the name Ripped Vixen.   I know that she was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, she began appearing in weight lifting contests in 2007 and her measurements are 42C-30-38.   These pics of her are from various shoots that she has done for Aziani Iron.

[Image: LDjGbrH.jpg]

[Image: MAUE1ph.jpg]

[Image: 1RMHZEv.jpg]

[Image: Fw7x6D7.jpg]

[Image: cCGUvUR.jpg]
Thanks given by: xxl4skin , Redpixel , woohoo , rbaxter-11 , cumbie

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