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Introducing a blonde British MILF to the Forum.   Born in 1976, she goes by the name of Saffy.   Her 34D-26-36 body was first seen on the internet in 2008 and here she is happily showing her cunt in a set from Garry’s Girls.

[Image: 0JWzCqk.jpg] [Image: gDWQEab.jpg] [Image: hj9hipj.jpg]

[Image: fmehOAC.jpg] [Image: wvzj3q5.jpg]
Since introducing Saffy to the Forum, I have discovered a bit more about her.   First, she also goes by the name Saffy McKenna and she was born in the English city of Cambridge (famous for its universities) on 17th August 1975.   Saffy began showing her natural 34DD cup tits and her nice meaty cunt lips back in 1998 and enjoys posing in vintage lingerie.   She has done a number of shoots for Vintage Flash who produced this great set – not so much because of Saffy’s underwear, but the shots of her holding her cunt open. 

[Image: PRHGu3O.jpg] [Image: QvcfXLu.jpg] [Image: hwmFKg4.jpg]

[Image: 2uwJGTQ.jpg] [Image: IGlrMrm.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , Redpixel , woohoo , nealxnyc , xxl4skin , eldios86
Gorgeous! I love mature women with these nice thick labia!
Thanks given by: Redpixel , Cunt Connoisseur 2 , rbaxter-11
I am discovering more about Miss Saffy McKenna.   After a long break from being a nude model, she has recently begun showing her tits and cunt on the internet again, but this time as a brunette and with more tattoos.   But she still loves to be photographed in corsets, stockings and stiletto heels and other retro underwear.   She has even started her own website Saffy’s Glamour Fetish from which these pics are were taken.   In this set Saffy shows us her cunt again, holds her cunt open, then finger fucks herself and finally wanks herself off with a vibrator. 

[Image: Xkn1cbP.jpg]

[Image: WBkS67O.jpg]

[Image: 9sfJjUf.jpg]

[Image: L3neEm6.jpg]

[Image: sxZTDTr.jpg]
Thanks given by: woohoo , Redpixel , cumbie , eldios86
Saffy has started quite a few of her shoots without any panties on, but  this time it’s a kind of double whammy because she is not only wearing black knickers, she is wearing tights too.   But she still holds her cunt open for us in the end!   The pics are from Saffy's own website, Saffys Glamour Fetish.

[Image: v3EmUjh.jpg]

[Image: AOPUpnj.jpg]

[Image: lSEZjif.jpg] [Image: 3e7DHsq.jpg] [Image: TrXrmAt.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , eldios86
Here is English MILF Saffy Mckenna showing her tits and cunt again in a set from Vintage Flash. There is a video of this set so if you want to watch Saffy using her stiletto heel shoe to wank herself off and listen to her talking dirty about her tits and her nipples and her cunt check out 

[Image: 4uTt98a.jpg] [Image: EqoXzpu.jpg] [Image: qhJVwWL.jpg]

[Image: icwnxA2.jpg] [Image: s5J9JyV.jpg]
Thanks given by: buttster , Redpixel , woohoo , cumbie
A few days ago I was contacted by a new member who told me that his fetish was seeing girls with their cunt lips visible through the crotch of their see-through panties.   One website that I suggested he check out was Vintage Flash which is the source of these photos of Saffy McKenna with her lovely cunt lips squashed up under her black see-thru knickers ... 

[Image: 3PtmBrd.jpg] [Image: cC4FFEZ.jpg] [Image: vgrUmZ2.jpg]

[Image: Fy0SCnj.jpg] [Image: ObUYrsB.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , Redpixel

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