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My wife's clitoris makes her have both an innie and outie is how.
It will make sense in a minute.  First - let's take a look at how her labia minora connect to her clit.  Because they are attached at the tip - her clit can pull her labia up and under her clit hood.

[Image: JbBKMhK.jpg]

Now - let's see this in action.  Here she is wearing panties.  From the look of it - it looks like she has a nice tucked in pussy.

[Image: GoEvsmm.jpg]

And in fact -- she does!  As you can see - her lips are perfectly flush and her clitoris is nowhere in sight!

[Image: VsLhiGz.jpg]

OK.  That was the innie version of my wife.  Now look what happens if she spreads a little bit and plays with her hood...

[Image: wglBlPc.jpg]

As you can see, her lips come out...AND her clitoris is swelling and pushing her labia minora outwards and down. Now they can no longer tuck in comfortably anymore.

The result is this - a nice swollen outie pussy.

[Image: zZnX0zm.jpg]

If you enjoy my post, please give a thanks and please rate the thread.  Even a few stars would make me put in effort to post more of my wife here.  

And you can always see the gallery of all the pictures I add of her here, so you can make sure that you didnt miss something.

And please reply to my threads with your thoughts - the more replies the more likely people will look at my threads.

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