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Victoria Tiffany
Victoria Tiffany  aka  Anya,  Curly,  Cutie,  Cutie Slimmer,  Ioana,  Jenna,  Marmalade,  Mira,  Panley,  Paula K,  Polie,  Polly,  Raya Missalov,  Steffi,  Stephanie,  Stephanie Gray

Introducing Victoria Tiffany to the Forum but who, like many Eastern European porn girls, has performed under a bewildering variety of names.  Tiffany was born in Russia on 5th April 1990 and her tiny 34AA tits and her pretty little cunt were first seen on the internet in 2010.  The photographs from this shoot have appeared on several websites; Beauty Angels, Teen Mega World, Karup’s Hometown Amateurs, and Club Seventeen.   One website suggested that in this set Victoria was taking her panties off to have a piss, but in fact she is using a bidet to wash her cunt - and looking at pic #5, enjoying it !!!

[Image: YriJtmS.jpg] [Image: lbufqLP.jpg] [Image: MJJCey8.jpg]

[Image: E6NFwgj.jpg] [Image: fJgDSwn.jpg]
Here are some more photographs of Victoria Tiffany, this time she is in a kitchen wanking her cunt and arse with the handles of a whisk and a fish slice (aka a spatula in the US).   The pics are from a set by MOFOS.

[Image: quvDMZD.jpg]

[Image: bxE6dk5.jpg]

[Image: 1u25Miz.jpg]

[Image: uuJreCy.jpg]

[Image: uN7UZxx.jpg]
Here is another selection of photographs of Victoria Tiffany, this time in a girl-girl set with the stunningly beautiful Hungarian pornstar, Eve Angel, who is playing with Victoria’s cunt and fingering her arsehole.   The pics which are from the DDF Network were first seen on Eve Angel’s Official website on 26th September 2014.

[Image: ZSymVmR.jpg]

[Image: gkRJ2Wq.jpg]

[Image: BuzNb99.jpg]

[Image: aYQLT7r.jpg]

And finally, a look at Eve's cunt too …

[Image: FkgDuyv.jpg]
Another selection of DDF Network photographs of Victoria Tiffani, this time putting her vibrator up her cunt and up her arse.   During her career, Victoria performed in over 100 movies in which she regularly had her arse fucked; on at least two occasions by two cocks simultaneously.   These pics were seen for the first time on 20th December 2010 on 1 by Day.

[Image: BiaDogH.jpg]

[Image: ejluOcu.jpg]

[Image: SxZLTDN.jpg]

[Image: Lq5xiTR.jpg]

[Image: XkRFNsH.jpg]
As Anya, pictures from InFocusGirls' Limber Soloist set, March 29, 2019 ... 1333 x 2000

[Image: th_552915443_Anya_in_focus_soloist_1_122_427lo.jpg] [Image: th_552917573_Anya_in_focus_soloist_2_122_484lo.jpg] [Image: th_552920661_Anya_in_focus_soloist_3_122_93lo.jpg]

[Image: th_552923478_Anya_in_focus_soloist_4_122_340lo.jpg] [Image: th_552925613_Anya_in_focus_soloist_5_122_433lo.jpg]

Credit to InFocusGirls     
Pictures of Victoria Tiffani from Bikini-Pleasure's Zanu set, April 13, 2015 ... 1996 x 3000

[Image: th_094893523_Victoria_Tiffani_b_p_zanu_1_122_540lo.jpg] [Image: th_094893856_Victoria_Tiffani_b_p_zanu_2_122_521lo.jpg] [Image: th_948940534_Victoria_Tiffani_b_p_zanu_3_122_563lo.jpg]

[Image: th_948943856_Victoria_Tiffani_b_p_zanu_4_122_369lo.jpg] [Image: th_094894645_Victoria_Tiffani_b_p_zanu_5_122_119lo.jpg]

Credit to Bikini-Pleasure
Pictures of Victoria Tiffani from Bikini-Pleasure's Fuzzy Set, August 15, 2011 ... 1996 x 3000

[Image: th_186510136_Victoria_Tiffani_b_p_fuzzy_1_122_14lo.jpg] [Image: th_186513455_Victoria_Tiffani_b_p_fuzzy_2_122_487lo.jpg] [Image: th_186516606_Victoria_Tiffani_b_p_fuzzy_3_122_560lo.jpg]

[Image: th_186519748_Victoria_Tiffani_b_p_fuzzy_4_122_446lo.jpg] [Image: th_186522153_Victoria_Tiffani_b_p_fuzzy_5_122_556lo.jpg]

Credit to Bikini-Pleasure     
Nice views! Thanks!
Thanks given by:
It is almost a year now since this young lady’s lovely cunt was last seen on the Forum.   The pics are from a Wet And Pissy set which was first seen on 30th December 2012.   Just identified in the set as “Tiffany” and with her having short hair and so many stage names, it took me a little while to figure out her identity. 

[Image: gsr0jAb.jpg]

[Image: oDMhskh.jpg]

[Image: ORrtOcz.jpg]

[Image: vke6nD1.jpg]

[Image: NyXL5kz.jpg]

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