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Hikaru Aoyama
Hikaru Aoyama  aka Chiemi Tsukamoto,  Nana Kaori,  Nanami Noda,  Rina Ikuma

Hikaru Aoyama was born in the Kanagawa Province in Japan on 2nd February 1989 and her 31A-22-31 body was first seen in the nude on the internet back in 2008.   Here she is in a Japan HDV set dressed in a Japanese school uniform pulling down her cotton schoolgirl panties to show her innie cunt.   Her porn name in Japanese is 青山ひかる 

[Image: b6b9mT9.jpg]

[Image: g4mSgJL.jpg]

[Image: 49q7FT3.jpg]

[Image: 9pBFsIN.jpg]

[Image: 64LnqAm.jpg]
Thanks given by: butterdog , cumbie

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