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AKA: Anita Rose, Anita V
POB: Russia
DOB: ??-??-1998

Juana from Met-Art
Set "Presenting Juana" (4 Apr, 2019)

[Image: jy2d1wlv02fx.jpg] [Image: w5tunwmdn7pn.jpg] [Image: rpjr46b8dy65.jpg]
[Image: cz39ft57r5yi.jpg] [Image: 7o4r9oyylt9c.jpg]

Labia content created and owned by Met Art
Mmm, beautiful newbie !
Thanks given by: Redpixel
Anita Rose from Nubiles
Set "Finger Play" (Oct 15, 2019)

[Image: ahiyls86vrd3_t.jpg] [Image: 9h3jh24eqkx2_t.jpg] [Image: ex7elndgrqg9_t.jpg]
[Image: r4hb9e412z67_t.jpg] [Image: pdzn9ni781bn_t.jpg]

Credit to Nubiles
Thanks given by: woohoo , Redpixel , rbaxter-11 , oldslim , cumbie , EL BORIS
Anita Rose from Nubiles
Set "Ready For Love Oct" (19.10.2019)

[Image: 8tc10g6gdhcu.jpg] [Image: fbg27749q6f1.jpg] [Image: kq64xwwotpp5.jpg]
[Image: 399xbdh8n4xa.jpg] [Image: 7egwvqwuczb2.jpg]

Credit to Nubiles
Juana from Met-Art
Set "Magic in Blue" (Aug 10, 2020)

[Image: upnl9xadsa8k.jpg] [Image: uw7g7o4ucrye.jpg] [Image: 5jell9qcczqr.jpg]
[Image: nlk1bzd2h4g6.jpg] [Image: go78lcau728r.jpg]

Labia content created and owned by Met Art
I'm a big fan of furless pussies, but I have to admit that this kind of hair, on this kind of body and lips, is WONDERFUL.
Thanks given by: youllburn
Juana from GoddessNudes
"Set 1" (Sep 13, 2021)

[Image: 045839so0uik.jpg] [Image: 936w433oa466.jpg] [Image: l52g9ok6wcmg.jpg]
[Image: lc1gte6uss8a.jpg] [Image: vfrpdraqgx1w.jpg]

Credit to GoddessNudes, a member of the Met-Art Network
Thanks given by: xxl4skin , woohoo , cumbie

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