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Kimber Delice
Tall, blonde French pornstar Kimber Delice was born on 20th May 1995 and made her porn debut in 2015 under the name Kimber Selice, but she now goes by the name Kimber Delice; (délice in French means delight).   Kimber has now performed in over 40 hardcore movies many involving her in anal and double penetration scenes.   Her measurements are 38B-23-34 and she has no tattoos or piercings.   The jewel and chain seen in the first two photographs of Kimber wearing open crotch panties is decorating the panties and not her cunt lips!

These pics are from a One by Day set titled “Other Toy” which was first seen on 20th November 2015.  Kimber’s “other toy” is a 19 mm combination  spanner, the ring end of which she puts both in her cunt and up her arse.

[Image: AO9jqBJ.jpg]

[Image: Cdvlo2w.jpg]

[Image: ZHB9gMN.jpg]

[Image: QXKWV5F.jpg]

[Image: pQGzCsa.jpg]

Credits to DDF Network
Thanks given by: woohoo , cumbie , lippenfreund , Redpixel , oldslim
Some more photographs from the One by Day set of Kimber Delice playing with her “other toy” – a 19mm combination spanner which as in the previous post she puts up her arse and this time up her cunt too. 

[Image: 6Ro8h7K.jpg]

[Image: PfElS7S.jpg]

[Image: z7cg6gH.jpg]

[Image: Q546n9a.jpg]

[Image: uUXTmgX.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , lippenfreund , Redpixel
Here is French Mademoiselle Kimber Delice indulging in a bit of erotic “entente cordial” with English pornstar Miss Maisie Rain.  In this DDF set, first seen on 3rd January 2016, Maisie starts by licking Kimber's nipple, then her arse and finally her lovely long cunt lips ...

[Image: IzFIkDp.jpg]

[Image: A6rHh9t.jpg]

[Image: UcuTcz5.jpg]

[Image: 2x0Uu5z.jpg]

In this final pic, the tables are turned and Kimber is licking Maisie's cunt

[Image: lcadWvD.jpg]
Thanks given by: woohoo , Redpixel , cumbie , oldslim , lippenfreund

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