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The Dellai Twins
Eveline Dellai already has a thread in the Forum, but her non-identical twin sister Silvia, who has got nice cunt lips, but which are not quite as long as her sister’s hasn’t been introduced yet.   So, if the Moderators will allow it, here is a new thread featuring the Dellai twins together.

Silvia or Silvie (which is her real first name) is 5ft 2ins tall without her heels on, which is one inch shorter than Eveline.  Silvia has also has lighter hair than her sister, but she is the tattooed twin. Silvie also has bigger 32B tits than Eveline who is 32AA, because Silvia has had a boob job.

These pics from a Wet and Pissy set titled “Twins” in there is also a male actor who pisses on the girls, who naturally piss on him too, but the lucky guy also got to fuck them both vaginally.  To comply with the Forum rules these are the “girls only” pics that I am allowed to post …
[Image: aUZTszv.jpg]

[Image: OweOWpn.jpg]

[Image: hKGO1Fd.jpg]

[Image: DOJlgwB.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , xxl4skin
Some more photographs of Evelinka and Silvie Dellai posing together, this time in a set by PJ Girls titled “Comparison” which was released on 30th May 2016.

The first photo is a back shot of the twins with Evelinka on the left and Silvie on the right.

[Image: zZf0nlg.jpg]

As Evelinka's cunt has already been seen many times on the Forum, this post will concentrate on Silvie's cunt which Evelinka is holding open in this next pic …
[Image: vuAHGvM.jpg]

Two more photos of Evelinka holding Silvie's cunt open for the world to see her sister's vagina …
[Image: y9sYroZ.png]

[Image: 3b0DMEX.png]

The final shot is Silvie holding her own cunt wide open to show that "it's that time of the month" and you can see her tampon …
[Image: nwQoMTC.png] 

Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo
This is second part of the PJ Girls set, “Comparison” which features the Dellai Twins holding their cunts wide open.   In this post we will concentrate on looking at Evelinka’s cunt and vagina, but finishing with a shot of both the girls holding their cunts open …

[Image: tCHXnk9.png]

[Image: Ue3f2uS.png]

[Image: hrboom7.png]

[Image: UkC19Db.png]

[Image: Bp1eMKI.png]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , lippenfreund

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