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Samantha Bentley
Samantha Bentley  aka  Samantha B,  Samantha D (Met Art),  Samantha E (Erotic Beauty),  Samantha Burke,  Samantha Jayne (Abby Winters),  Sammie Beagley (Photodrom),  Taylor May (Karups HA)

English nude model and pornstar Samantha Bentley was born in London as Samantha McEwan on 8th October 1987. Although she admits to being quite promiscuous as a teenager, Samantha was in her early 20s when she began taking her bra and knickers off in front of a camera in 2009 to show the world her natural 32DD tits and her very inviting cunt.

I know that several Forum members are fans of girls posing for Vintage Flash, so I have chosen a Vintage Flash set to introduce Samantha to the Forum. And what better item of vintage underwear for Samantha to wear to show off her cunt is this black crotch-less panty girdle from the 1960s?

[Image: psNnoRY.jpg]

[Image: sKt8WI2.jpg]

[Image: zn6jXJ7.jpg]

[Image: Ynxq7sR.jpg]

[Image: G7dSgpi.jpg]

Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , Redpixel
After the first set of Samantha in 1960s vintage underwear, here are some pics of her wearing more modern style undies, although in the pics I have selected, you don’t see very much of her knickers and even less of her bra.   But we do see plenty of Samantha’s beautiful cunt …

The pics are from a set by Viv Thomas.

[Image: 22HnN8X.jpg]

[Image: 4VM1WiM.jpg]

[Image: mtH0Foe.jpg]

[Image: J1bgATS.jpg]

[Image: 2XiP948.jpg]

Thanks given by: Redpixel , woohoo , cumbie
Here is another selection of photographs of Samantha showing her cunt, this time from a 2013 shoot by Karups.

[Image: 9F0JRbZ.jpg]

[Image: ipTAquX.jpg]

[Image: RxGabtM.jpg]

[Image: KHO7iNs.jpg]

[Image: FLUN8Ll.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , Redpixel , woohoo

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