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Asia Carrera
One of the top female pornstars of the 1990s and early 2000s was Asia Carrera.   She was born as Jessica Andrea Steinhauser in New York on 6th August 1973 to a Japanese father and a German mother.   As a young girl she became an accomplished pianist and as a teenager performed solo at Carnegie Hall.   She began stripping in the early 1990s and eventually performed in over 400 movies.   When she began her porn career, Asia had B cup tits and had at least two boob jobs so that by the time she retired in 2003 she was wearing D cup bras.

[Image: bSrONvC.jpg]

[Image: p6uOyWg.jpg]

[Image: OKt5R0z.jpg]

[Image: KxmVf76.jpg]

[Image: U9z3f8H.jpg]
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